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Bristol Broadcasting stations

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WKYX FM (S)   FM 94.3Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/12/2016
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GolcondaIL3,100 (A)
WZYK FM    FM 94.780s to NowClintonKY50,000 (C2)
WNGO AM (S) (F)   
WKYX Simulcast
AM 1320Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/12/2016
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MayfieldKY1,000 (D)
Willie 102.1
FM 102.1Classic Country blueAdd Favorite 
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MayfieldKY50,000 (C2)
W238AN (S)   FX 95.5Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/12/2016
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MayfieldKY250 (D)
WKYX AM (F)   AM 570Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/12/2016
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PaducahKY1,000 (B)
WDXR AM   AM 1450Conservative TalkPaducahKY1,000 (C)
WPAD AM (F)    AM 1560National Sports TalkPaducahKY1,000 (B)
Carrot Country
FM 93.3Other Animal CountryPaducahKY100,000 (C1)
WDDJ FM    FM 96.9Hottest HitsPaducahKY100,000 (C1)
W258AN (S)   FX 99.5National Sports TalkPaducahKY250 (D)
W273CH (S)   FX 102.5Conservative TalkPaducahKY250 (D)
WFHG FM   FM 92.9Conservative Talk Bluff CityTN7,600 (C2)
W287CF (S)   FX 105.3National Sports TalkBristolTN250 (D)
WEXX FM    FM 99.3Alternative Rock blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/11/2011
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ElizabethtonTN4,400 (C3)
W229BE (S)   FX 93.7Vewy QuietGatlinburgTN10 (D)
WAEZ FM (F)   
Electric 94.9
FM 94.9Contemporary Hits blueAdd Favorite Setup
Tested 09/21/2014
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GreenevilleTN87,000 (C0)
W237DV (S)   FX 95.3Contemporary Hits blueAdd Favorite Setup
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KingsportTN250 (D)
W291CP (S)   FX 106.1Alternative Rock blueAdd Favorite 
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KingsportTN235 (D)
WNPC AM (F)   AM 1060Local CountryNewportTN1,000 (D)
Daytime Only
W222AN (S)   FX 92.3Local CountryNewportTN250 (D)
W255BK (S)   FX 98.9No Web SiteNewportTN500 (D)
WSEV AM    AM 930Vewy QuietSeviervilleTN5,000 (D)
WLNQ FM    FM 104.7No Web SiteWhite PineTN2,800 (A)
WFHG AM   AM 980National Sports TalkBristolVA5,000 (B)
WXBQ FM    FM 96.9Other Animal Country blueAdd Favorite Setup
Tested 03/19/2014
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BristolVA75,000 (C)
W236AD (S)   FX 95.1Conservative TalkLawrencevilleVA250 (D)
WUKZ AM (F)    AM 1010Classic Hits blue mp3Add Favorite 
Tested 03/9/2015
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MarionVA1,000 (D)
WITM AM    AM 1330Vewy QuietMarionVA5,000 (D)
WMEV FM    FM 93.9Today's Best Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 04/4/2015
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MarionVA95,140 (C)
WNVA AM    AM 1350Vewy Quiet
Doesn't connect
NortonVA5,000 (D)
WNVA FM (F)   FM 106.3Vewy QuietNortonVA157 (A)
W266BM (S)   FX 101.1Classic Hits blue mp3Add Favorite 
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Rural RetreatVA250 (D)
WQBE FM    FM 97.5Local Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 09/4/2011
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CharlestonWV50,000 (B)
Electric 102
FM 102.7Contemporary Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/24/2011
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CharlestonWV50,000 (B)
No Website Present
AM 1240Conservative TalkDunbarWV1,000 (C)

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