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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to BUSTOS MEDIA HOLDINGS, LLC
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Adelante Media stations

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KZTB FM    FM 97.9Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
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KSND FM    FM 95.1Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/10/2016
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MonmouthOR1,000 (C3)
KMIA AM    AM 1210Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
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KMMG FM    FM 96.7Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
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Benton CityWA820 (A)
KDDS FM    FM 99.3Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 07/12/2015
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ElmaWA64,000 (C)
KULE AM     AM 730No Web SiteEphrataWA1,000 (D)
KZUS FM (F)    FM 92.3Mexican RegionalEphrataWA26,000 (C2)
KMNA FM     FM 98.7No Web SiteMabtonWA11,500 (C2)
KZTA FM    FM 96.9Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
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NachesWA14,000 (C2)
KZXR AM     AM 1310No Web SiteProsserWA5,000 (D)
KZXR FM     
Formerly KLES
FM 101.7No Web SiteProsserWA3,500 (C3)
KZML FM (F)    FM 95.9Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/5/2014
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QuincyWA11,000 (C2)
KDYK AM    AM 1020Mexican RegionalUnion GapWA4,000 (B)
K225AR (S)    FX 92.9Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
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WenatcheeWA90 (D)
K229AD (S)    FX 93.7Mexican RegionalYakimaWA35 (D)

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