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K261EF (S)   FX 100.1Bible TeachingWALLTOWNCA1 (D)
W252AW (S)    FX 98.3Bible Teaching blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 03/23/2017
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ChicagoIL250 (D)
W296CQ (S)   
Formerly W243DM
FX 107.1Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
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MelvilleNY140 (D)
K218EJ (S)   FX 91.5Bible TeachingAlvinTX250 (D)
Formerly K255CV
FX 99.5Idle HD 2/3/4 ChannelAnahuacTX90 (D)
KQVI FM (S)   FM 89.9Spanish Religious ProtestantCEDAR LAKETX10,000 (C3)
KQBI FM (S)   FM 91.7Spanish Religious ProtestantEncinalTX3,000 (A)
KQCI FM (S)   FM 91.5Spanish Religious ProtestantFreerTX1,000 (A)
KZIC FM (S)    FM 89.9Spanish Religious ProtestantHondoTX1,000 (A)
K223CW (S)   FX 92.5Tropical / Caribbean / Cuban blueAdd Favorite 
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HoustonTX30 (D)
K231CN    FX 94.1Idle HD 2/3/4 ChannelHoustonTX99 (D)
K247CP (S)   
Formerly K246CQ
FX 97.3New Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 11/6/2015
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HoustonTX250 (D)
K273CW (S)   FX 102.5No Web SiteHoustonTX90 (D)
K283CH (S)   FX 104.5Alternative Rock blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 10/31/2015
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HoustonTX99 (D)
K287BQ (S)   FX 105.3Spanish CHR/Latino blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 11/13/2016
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HoustonTX99 (D)
K210DF (S)   FX 89.9Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 09/11/2016
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Lake JacksonTX250 (D)
KPAL FM (S)   FM 91.3Spanish Religious ProtestantPalaciosTX1,000 (A)
K273AL (S)   
Formerly K276GL
FX 102.5Spanish Religious Protestant blueAdd Favorite 
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PorterTX250 (D)
K212GK (S)   
Formerly K265FF
FX 90.3Spanish CHR/Latino blueAdd Favorite 
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SeguinTX200 (D)

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