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Radio Stations Licensed to COCHISE MEDIA LICENSES LLC
Cochise Media stations

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KXMQ FM    FM 97.7Vewy QuietMcnaryAZ4,100 (C2)
KXBK FM    FM 103.5SilentTaylorAZ1,400 (C3)
KPAU FM    FM 103.5Vewy QuietCenterCO460 (A)
KDVK FM    FM 103.5No Web SiteDove CreekCO100 (A)
Formerly KDVC
FM 102.5Vewy QuietLOMACO400 (A)
KRZX FM    FM 106.1Vewy QuietRedlandsCO870 (C3)
KXML FM    FM 99.9Vewy QuietSalmonID200 (A)
Not currently on FCC Silent list
FM 100.9SilentAllenNE100 (A)
KPSA FM   FM 97.7Classic RockLordsburgNM250 (A)
KMXQ FM    FM 92.9Vewy QuietSocorroNM137 (A)
KFMR FM    FM 95.5SilentBallardUT890 (C2)
KXWY FM    FM 102.9Vewy QuietHudsonWY9,600 (C1)
KXJN FM    FM 97.7Vewy QuietMoose Wilson RoadWY470 (A)
KCYA FM    FM 97.7Vewy QuietRolling HillsWY3,600 (C2)

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