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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to GEORGE S. FLINN,
George Flinn stations

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Station (S) = Simulcast WebsiteFrequencyFormatListen  
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WWFA FM     FM 102.7No Web SiteSt FlorianAL10,000 (C3)
FM 104.7Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/17/2013
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Des ArcAR25,000 (C3)
Harding University
FM 95.3Educational blueAdd Favorite Setup
Tested 11/27/2016
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JudsoniaAR14,000 (C3)
KTPG FM    FM 99.3Variety / Mix blueAdd Favorite 
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ParagouldAR18,500 (C3)
KWCA FM    FM 101.190s to NowPalo CedroCA4,900 (C2)
Partial simulcast of WWJB
FM 99.9Talk Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/3/2017
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HomosassaFL9,200 (C3)
WXRA FM (S)    
FM 99.3Christian Rock blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 04/5/2017
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InglisFL3,700 (A)
KRQN FM    FM 107.1Pop Music blueAdd Favorite  Setup
Tested 10/6/2014
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VintonIA4,700 (A)
KPPL FM    FM 92.5Today's Best Country and Yesterday's LegendsPoplar BluffMO25,000 (C3)
WKGF FM (S)    FM 101.3Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 06/26/2017
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GrenadaMS6,000 (A)
WKIF FM (S)    FM 96.5Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite 
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Holly SpringsMS4,100 (A)
WXWX FM    FM 96.3National Sports TalkMariettaMS3,900 (A)
WOXF FM (S)    FM 105.1Best Mix OxfordMS1,600 (A)
WKFF FM (S)    FM 102.1Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 06/26/2017
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SardisMS4,000 (A)
WQJB FM (S)    
K Love
FM 104.5Contemporary Christian Music blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 06/26/2017
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KNNR AM (S)    AM 1400Conservative Talk blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 06/2/2015
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SparksNV1,000 (C)
The quake
FM 97.5All the hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 03/8/2015
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AlvaOK50,000 (C2)
WBZS FM    FM 102.5Talk Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 11/29/2016
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ShawsvilleVA150 (A)

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