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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to HISPANIC TARGET MEDIA INC.

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Station (S) = Simulcast WebsiteFrequencyFormatListen  
* = Registration required
KUKY FM   FM 95.9Mexican RegionalWelltonAZ1,600 (C3)
KHMU FM    FM 100.9No Web SiteButtonwillowCA3,800 (A)
KZQT FM    FM 107.7No Web SiteKettleman CityCA6,000 (A)
KOHM FM    FM 105.7Vewy Quiet
No web site
RidgecrestCA380 (A)
KHMJ FM    FM 95.1No Web SiteTronaCA290 (A)
KQQH FM    FM 92.7Vewy QuietWascoCA6,000 (A)
KPQS FM    FM 106.7No Web SiteWaterfordCA6,000 (A)
KPQW FM    FM 106.3No Web SiteWillowsCA1,750 (A)
WAJP FM   FM 107.7Local CountryPerryFL9,400 (C3)
Radio Amigo
FM 95.9Spanish (unclassified)AlamogordoNM2,250 (C2)
KPQC FM    FM 100.1SilentCarrizozoNM30,000 (C2)
KALN FM   FM 96.1Mexican Regional blueAdd Favorite 
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DexterNM50,000 (C2)
KPQH FM    FM 102.7Vewy QuietTularosaNM1,000 (A)
KGWT FM   FM 93.5SilentGeorge WestTX25,000 (C3)
KXAF FM   FM 97.9No Web SiteGeorge WestTX6,000 (A)
KPQG FM    FM 104.3No Web SiteGoliadTX6,000 (A)
KPQP FM    FM 106.1No Web SitePanhandleTX25,000 (C3)
KXFS FM   FM 93.7No Web SiteRankinTX14,500 (C3)
KRIK FM   FM 100.5Vewy Quiet
no stream
RefugioTX25,000 (C3)
KXHM FM    FM 106.1Spanish (unclassified)RefugioTX6,000 (A)
KXAM FM    FM 102.5No Web SiteSan DiegoTX5,400 (A)
KHMZ FM    FM 94.9No Web SiteSnyderTX25,000 (C3)
KQHM FM    FM 102.7No Web SiteZapataTX6,000 (A)
KJJS FM   FM 103.9Mexican RegionalZapataTX4,500 (A)
WFAJ FM    FM 96.9Spanish CHR/LatinoNassawadoxVA13,500 (B1)

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