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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to INGSTAD RADIO WASHINGTON, LLC
James River (Ingstad) stations

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K232CB (S)    FX 94.3Canine Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 10/10/2014
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PendletonOR9 (D)
KUJ FM    
Power 99
FM 99.1Contemporary Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 07/28/2011
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BurbankWA52,000 (C1)
Cherry FM
FM 100.9Classic Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/3/2014
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GrandviewWA7,800 (C2)
KJOX AM    AM 1340National Sports Talk
no stream
KennewickWA1,000 (C)
KALE AM     AM 960No Web SiteRichlandWA5,000 (B)
KIOK FM (F)    
The Wolf
FM 94.9Canine Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 10/10/2014
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RichlandWA100,000 (C)
KEGX FM    FM 106.5Classic Rock blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 10/7/2011
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RichlandWA100,000 (C0)
K291BS (S)    FX 106.1No Web SiteRichlandWA250 (D)
KTCR AM     AM 980Spanish SportsSelahWA5,000 (B)
KKSR FM    FM 95.7Best Variety blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 05/25/2012
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Walla WallaWA100,000 (C)
K283BX (S)    FX 104.5Spanish Religious Protestant blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 08/28/2016
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WapatoWA250 (D)
K291BV (S)    FX 106.1Spanish Religious Protestant blueAdd Favorite 
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WapatoWA250 (D)
K295BT (S)    FX 106.9Hottest Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 11/1/2015
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WapatoWA250 (D)
KBBO AM    AM 1390National Sports Talk
No stream
YakimaWA5,000 (B)
Hot 99.7
FM 99.7Hottest Hits blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/17/2013
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YakimaWA4,100 (C3)
KXDD FM    FM 104.1New Country blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 05/22/2013
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YakimaWA100,000 (C1)
KRSE FM    FM 105.7Classic Rock blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/17/2013
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YakimaWA100,000 (C1)

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