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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to LOVCOM, INC.

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K290BM (S)    FX 105.9Classic RockBuffaloWY250 (D)
KLQQ FM/HD (F)    
Q 104.7
FM 104.9Contemporary HitsClearmontWY31,000 (C1)
KOWY FM    FM 102.3Today's Hits and Yesterday's FavoritesDaytonWY2,100 (C3)
KROE AM    AM 930Conservative TalkSheridanWY5,000 (D)
KWYO AM    AM 1410Classic CountrySheridanWY5,000 (B)
KYTI FM/HD    FM 93.7Canine CountrySheridanWY75,000 (C)
KZWY FM/HD    FM 94.9Classic RockSheridanWY75,000 (C)
K240DW (S)    FX 95.9Classic RockSheridanWY250 (D)
K280GK (S)    FX 103.9Conservative TalkSheridanWY250 (D)
K290BL (S)    FX 105.9Classic RockSheridanWY250 (D)
K292DZ (S)    
Silent per FCC
FX 106.3Classic RockSheridanWY250 (D)
K295CP (S)    
Formerly K286AY
FX 106.9Classic CountrySheridanWY250 (D)

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