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Streaming Radio Guide
Radio Stations Licensed to POLNET COMMUNICATIONS, LTD.

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Station (S) = Simulcast WebsiteFrequencyFormatListen  
* = Registration required
W243AK (S)    FX 96.5SilentBradentonFL75 (D)
W284DA (S)    
Formerly W264BK
FX 104.7Ethnic - otherChicagoIL99 (D)
WEEF AM    AM 1430Ethnic - otherDeerfieldIL1,600 (B)
W256DC (S)    
Formerly W254BP
FX 99.1Ethnic - otherDeerfieldIL50 (D)
WKTA AM    AM 1330Ethnic - European blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 10/13/2011
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EvanstonIL5,000 (D)
W240DE (S)    FX 95.9Ethnic - European blueAdd Favorite 
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EvanstonIL80 (D)
WRDZ AM/HD    AM 1300Ethnic - otherLa GrangeIL4,500 (B)
W276BM (S)    FX 103.1Religious Ministry blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 12/4/2016
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Park ForestIL10 (D)
WNVR AM (F)    
Polish Radio
AM 1030Ethnic - European blueAdd Favorite 
Tested 01/17/2013
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Vernon HillsIL10,000 (D)
W296DA (S)    
Formerly W300CQ
FX 107.1Ethnic - European blueAdd Favorite 
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Vernon HillsIL70 (D)
WPJX AM     AM 1500No Web SiteZionIL250 (D)
W223CN (S)    FX 92.5No Web SiteZionIL65 (D)
WRKL AM     AM 910No Web SiteNew CityNY1,000 (B)
WLIM AM     
Silent per FCC
AM 1580SilentPatchogueNY10,000 (B)

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