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Matt and Aunie: Is it really illegal to have sex outside next to an elementary school?
Mandy Connell (KOA): How about a new process to temporarily take guns away from dangerous people?
Chris Krok: Dealing with neighbors who don't clean up dog poop
Blue Collar Buzz: The Triangle Shirt Waste factory fire seems like it was just yesterday
Lars Larson (National): Beware of politicians who want to "fix" Facebook
Chris Plante: The lesbian couple that adopted 6 black children
Armstrong & Getty: The teacher strike mivement
Rose Unplugged: Guest is Andrew McCarthy, discusses the Rosenstein memos
Ethan Bearman: Was Laura Ingraham's apology really genuine? Ethan asks a professor who is an expert on apologizing.
Chad Hartman: The female news person is leaving
America Tonight: Attention mainstream media: Obama sent the National Guard to the border too
Glenn Beck: Today's brownshirts can be found at Media Matters for America
Chris Plante: Huffington Post confirms Trump's statement on rapes by illegal immigrants
Laura Ingraham: Laura said she'll wear a hijab to honor Muslim women when Saudi Arabia allows churches to be built
Brian Kilmeade: Brian talks with the producer of a hit CBS show who's not afraid to say he's on the Trump train
Rush Limbaugh: Michelle says Barack was America's 'good parent'
Dennis Prager: Filling in, Dr. Sebastian Gorka talks about the gap between the media's portrayal and the public's real opinion of Trump
Today's Homeowner: Never put caulk over a wet surface, and buy the good stuff at the store
Auto World: Electrics and hybrids are going to grow
Jesus Christ: Your Holy Host is waiting for your phone call
Rush Limbaugh: A new Rasmussen Poll shows Mueller is losing public support for his Trump probe
Chris Plante: There's a machete attack every 90 minutes in the U.K.
Glenn Beck: Glenn plays a clip of Alex Jones saying Russia is the white knight in Syria and elsewhere
Rush Limbaugh: Every media person freaking out over Sean Hannity's association with Trump's attorney would happily latch themselves onto a lawyer close to their beloved Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Other than reporters, only a handful of people showed up at Comey's book signing in DC