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Rush Limbaugh: Most in the media will never understand the Trump phenomenon
John Gibson: Joke of the day: Disgraced NBC anchor Brian Williams talks about the importance of facts
Larry Kudlow (Cumulus): Gen. Jack Keane says Mike Flynn was likely trying to protect the VP when he didn't tell him about the Russia phone call
Gun Talk: Tom Gresham believes the revolver is coming back in popularity. Many caliber's are available these days and popularity of the TV show 'The walking dead' where many are showcased. Rick's Colt Python & Maggie's S&W R8 to name a couple.
Rush Limbaugh: The media thinks the First Amendment makes them immune to criticism
Dennis Prager: The president is right, Sweden has a terrible problem with immigrant crime
John Batchelor: Democrats take big money from rich Russians to do their bidding in the U.S.
Mornings on the Mall: Brian announces that his new co-host is now officially Mary Walter. She seems to be pleasant and very friendly. She seems to get along with Brian quite well. Git-R-Done,
Rush Limbaugh: A Democrat strategist warns his party about trying too hard to attract white voters
Info Wars: Alex: Google is trying to de-fund the Infowars, Drudge and Brietbart news. Infowars will be attacking the Adroll, for trying to remove their revenue.
Kinda like a Telethon on Labor day.
Dennis Prager: Sweden says there's no immigrant problem and the next night, immigrant riots break out
Michael Medved: Suggestions that President Trump is anti-Semitic are absurd
Laura Ingraham: The Trump administration needs to tackle birthright citizenship
Chris Plante: Rosa Parks won't sit in the back of a bus -- heroine. Marine LePen won't wear a burqa -- hater.
Mornings on the Mall: Brian & Mary are broadcasting from CPAC this morning. The skype isn't working that well and they sound like they are running a 'echo-box' on a CB radio. Pretty wild. Bethesda MD is removing parking lots.

Glenn Beck: Seven new planets have been discovered during the Trump administration. How many were discovered under Obama?
Chris Plante: The dishonest media are dutifully following the directives of Obama's Organizing for America operation
Laura Ingraham: The average American is loving the transparency of the Trump administration
Rush Limbaugh: Trump is reallocating funds that have helped illegal aliens to victims of crimes committed by illegals
Dennis Prager: Guest host Mark Davis says there's no such thing as a transgender child
Info Wars: The Alex taking on 'Google ads telethon' is going on now against the Oligarchs and Illuminati. He wants everyone to ante up and join the fight against Obama's Organizing for America Operation Evil.
Savage Nation: Michael laments that he has not been asked to be an Ambassador to a foreign country. He says he would be a very good ambassador. He didn't say which country he would like to be ambassador to, but I bet it was Thailand.
Chris Plante: Chris is playing the Trump speech to CPAC today and analyzing the items of interest in the speech. Do nothing RINO's in senate and House need to get with the program. They are dragging their feet and Trump down.
Rush Limbaugh: The ex-con husband of a Democrat congresswoman handed out little Trump flags that looked like Russian flags at CPAC so they could be confiscated and the media would report on it
Glenn Beck: The mistake of the Oscars where Warren Beatty announced the wrong best picture