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In 1998, President Clinton launched Operation Desert Fox to bomb Iraq for 4 days to degrade its ability to create weapons of mass destruction. ?

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Info Wars: Alex's guest is Michael Savage, comparing notes on what the hell is going on with Trump
Chris Plante: Chris says Alex Jones is in a custody battle with his ex-wife for three Kids. Alex's lawyer says that Jones is playing a part on the alex jones show, and Infowars.
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Brian interview Cheryl Atkisson has a new book with a timeline that shows when OBO surveilled people. where watching reporters and members of congress, and war on whistle-blowers. Cheryl is still watched by FBI.
Glenn Beck: The left is salivating about the supposed demise of Bill O'Reilly. Who's next?
Glenn Beck: Ha, there it is. Beck and crew are playing clips of his nemesis 'Alex Jones' and inviting listeners to go to Austin and listen to the trial and report back. The 'compatriots' are providing the laugh track on air.
Rush Limbaugh: Rush wishes Democrats many future 'victories' like the one they had last night in Georgia
Lars Larson (National): Lars is interviewing Steve and they are discussing how will Trump ever get the tax reform? Flat tax is the way to go. 26 million small businesses in the US that are under a huge tax burden. Hillary loves high taxes.
Rush Limbaugh: A new book reveals the bumbling incompetence of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign
Dennis Prager: If leftists were happy, they'd be conservatives
The Dana Show: The hedge fund run by Chelsea Clinton's husband lost 90% of its worth, reports Dana
Sean Hannity: Sean acknowledges that the left would love to purge all conservatives from the airwaves
Mornings on the Mall: Mary & Brian, discuss the TSA agents @ 'Regan National' doesn't know the difference between District of Columbia from the Country in South America, 'Columbia'. TSA agents were asking for Passports for residents from Washington DC, Not making this up.
Chris Plante: An Australian caller talks about his country's struggles with immigration
Kilmeade & Friends: Elizabeth 'Fauxcahontas' Warren thinks half of America is racist
Laura Ingraham: Laura lights into potheads imploring for legalization
Glenn Beck: Venezuelan-born Debbie D'Souza talks about the socialist destruction of her homeland
Rush Limbaugh: Are the Russians responsible for the latest Paris terror attack?
Dennis Prager: Dennis and Ann Coulter discuss UC Berkeley's attacks on free speech
Info Wars: Paul Joseph Watson filling in today for Alex. Remote report from Alex on the firing of Bill O'Reilly. Now that 21 million viewers are cut loose from Bill, Alex is the leader in Listeners and viewers. Savage is nice guy, but Alex crushes him in listeners, 'Alex says'.
Chris Plante: Chris notes that previous president 'obo' added 9 trillion to the national debt & the Bezos washington post never said a word, but the budget of current President Trump may add just a small amount to the debt & Bezos the post & Dems are having a cow. Hypocrites.
Laura Ingraham: Caitlyn Jenner sounds a lot like the former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner
Rush Limbaugh: It appears to Rush that Trump is caving to Democrats on funding the wall
Sean Hannity: Sen. Rand Paul says he'd compromise on Obamacare reform but wouldn't agree to new benefits for insurance companies
Chris Plante: Chris says "Tune in on Friday for the exciting Climax of the budget debate." Our Government is like a bad Cable TV show.
No money for the border wall, but one trillion dollars are budgeted 'Infrastructure' spending. Isn't border walls infrastructure ?
Rush Limbaugh: The judge who says he's stopping Trump isn't stopping anything, despite the media's insistence otherwise