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Cuba has a "lower" infant mortality rate than the United States because babies under 1000 grams who die are counted as stillbirths - in the United States doctors will try to save the baby, and about half of those die in the first day ?
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Sean Hannity: The Cosby conviction is a reminder about the pervasiveness of drugs in today's society
Michael Medved: A caller says the Catholic Church secretly tries to control the world
Info Wars: Alex says Five G networks fries the atmosphere. It destroys the ozone. 4G causes cancer he says. Cell phone radiation does hurt you.
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says he knows the name of the FBI spy in the Trump campaign but won't tell us
Sean Hannity: The American people can see the positive results of the president's policies
Laura Ingraham: Laura predicts a Schneidermanesque demise for Stormy lawyer Michael Avenatti
Glenn Beck: A California college professor says don't call the police on black people
Mark Levin: Yesterday's rioting was planned months ago by Hamas -- they admitted it on Al Jazeera
Lars Larson (National): Lars says he has been wearing headphones for 43 years and he said he heard 'Laurel'. He didn't Yanni. Okay, this is a Big debate, and can you hide messages in these dual sounding words
Glenn Beck: Glenn says he's had enough and dons a Make America Great Again hat
Chris Plante: The media is resorting to semantics when reporting on the Obama government's spy in the Trump campaign
Chris Plante: HamasNBC dimwit Donny Deutsch says Trump supporters could bring the U.S. into a civil war for the first time
Armed American Radio: The crazies of former mayor Bloomburg are at it again and want to take way law abiding citizens their firearms. The problem is not the gun. Its morality and the parents letting their kids run wild. Lock her up!
Dennis Prager: The left hates Trump more than they hate the ayatollah
Mark Levin: Actor and conservative advocate Clint Walker (Cheyenne, The Dirty Dozen) has passed away at age 90
Laura Ingraham: It's no surprise that a foreign power would try to influence our elections. It is a shocking surprise when our own government uses its power to interfere with a domestic political campaign.
Buck Sexton: Fukushima, Government scientist have confirmed that radiation has spread throughout a full third of the Pacific ocean, cesium 134 has been detected in North America. Lame-stream media has ignored, but they will tell you about Roseanne.
Glenn Beck: Samantha Bee's vile comment was planned and scripted. It's the kind of comment she was hired to make.
Gun Talk: 'Intuit' software company, usually provides businesses software to process credit cards transactions. Intuit has stopped processing these transaction with Firearm dealers to distributer & retail customer. 2nd amendment bias against U.S citizens.
Armed American Radio: You Need to get permission from the commander of the U.S. Army corp of Engineers, for your district, to carry concealed firearms on Army corp properties campgrounds, lakes etc. Even if you are licensed by your state.Write them for permission.
Mornings on the Mall: Last half hour of show was discussion about the article where the author accused the Republican party as being a 'cult-like'. Sited sen. Bob Corker, who was whining that President Trump was mean to him and thats why he was quitting.
Chris Plante: Magilla Gorilla, Chris Coumo attacked Republican VA Senate candidate, Corey Stewart, last night on cut rate network 'CNN'. Corey Stewart is not afraid of Dem Senator joker Tim Kaine. Get ready !
Gun Talk: Its the Fathers day edition of Tom Greshams live show today. Call in with your favorite fathers day story. Its a pretty good show today.
Info Wars: Alex is interviewing George Noorey and reminiscing about Art Bell and how good he was on the radio. Alex calls George a 'maverick'.
Mornings on the Mall: Leftist elite like peter Fonda makes fools of themselves by attacking Trump. Kevin is off. Mary is flying solo.