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Laura Ingraham: Laura was remembering about the great Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan meetings about how well they got along and the good things that came from those meetings. This pope may march out a immigrant family to meet President Trump, who knows,
Info Wars: Alex is off and Dave Knight is filling in, but he is making Dave play a recorded message that Alex made and answers the satire of Stephan Colbert.(waste of time, Colbert's audience is not listening to alex Jones). He should just let Dave knight host the show.
Mornings on the Mall: Larry is filling in for Brian this morning. WMAL is reporting that Isis is claiming responsibility for the terrorist bombing at a concert in London. CBS news is holding out hope its a white, christian, NRA member and will not report its Isis.
Chris Plante: Chris is back today all revved up! He reports that Sir Roger Moore has passed. He was 89. James Bond in 'Moonraker' and others.
Mornings on the Mall: This morning, in the 'after flux' @ WMAL, Sarah Westwood from the Washington Examiner, is filling for Mary Walther. Also the minion 'Kevin' is back. They are interviewing Ed about the President Trump meeting with the Pope.
Chris Plante: Chris is discussing how disingenuous the CNN is against President Trump. Today President Trump is arriving in Brussels Belgium. They lost Lyndsie Graham-ham-ham in the red light district,
Gary Nolan: Gary Talks about 'obamacare' supposedly being efficient in California. They now need a 400 billion dollars while 1/3 of all Kalifornians are on expanded medicade! Jerry brown has bankrupted Kalifornia. That is why the middle class is leaving, taxes,cartel gangs, MS-13 & such.
Jim Bohannon At Night: Jim doesn't want to grow up
Mornings on the Mall: Minion 'Kevin' is interviewing Jim Marshall advocate for the Amtrak, Trump budget cuts funding. If removing funding from Amtrak is the goal, lets remove funding for airports and roads. Trucks only cover 54% of road costs. Trump's transportation budget is DOA.
Chris Plante: Chris Plante in today. Talking about democrats and Hilliary about how they hate America and Americans but Love Iran and communists. Chris says Hilliary loves pie !
Walton & Johnson: W&J view the Trump election as the beginning not the end
Thom Hartmann: Thom is interviewing a Progressive Republican minister running for Congress in Arkansas
Lars Larson (National): Lars agrees with callers, President Trump is not afraid to call out NATO freeloaders to ante up. Excellent speech at Nato headwaters. Moves Montenegro leader out of the way for picture.
Mornings on the Mall: 'Kevin' is back ( last day). He has to get back on set of the 'Minions'. Interviewing Joe Mantegna from 'Criminal Minds' also host Memorial day show on the National Mall. Laurence Fishburn is his co-host this year.
Lt. Dan can't make it to DC this year.
Rush Limbaugh: Now all of a sudden, the media says the Montana House election wasn't that significant after all
Info Wars: Roger Stone filled in for Alex, and he really should have let David Knight fill in. Roger states the obvious, obo cronies in gov are causing issue for President trump. Yawn.
Mornings on the Mall: Mary Walther is back this week. The minion 'Kevin' is also back on the radio. They are discussing the washed up comedian kathy someone. Kathy supports tom Perriello for GOV in upcoming Virginia election. He is a progressive Democrat, that hates American and loves Iran !
Rush Limbaugh: If Kathy Griffin really wanted to shock people, she should have tried being funny
Lars Larson (National): Lars is discussing how bitter Hillary is blaming everyone for her loss. Hillary said in a speech today that she was a 'Legendary' candidate and the DNC, Comey, wikileaks and Gusifer all conspired against her.
( She forgot 'Podesta' who got hacked ! )
Info Wars: Alex reports from Dr.Jerome Corsi, that President Trump will announce we are pulling out of the Paris accords, so the U.S. will not have to fund that 3 billion dollar trust fund per Obo. No Congressional approval was ever obtained. This is a win for Americans and setback for Globalist
Gun Talk: Tom is live today, he is discussing a fire that occurred in his own home and training your spouse on how to use a fire extinguisher. He had extensive fire damage & his wife said she didn't know how to use an extinguisher. He says learn from his mistake. Everyone is ok.
John Batchelor: Parrott listens to John Batchelor Live on a Genuine AM radio in his Jeep Wrangler, AM 630, WMAL. John is talking with Larry Kudlow on the economy and what Trump needs to do to get the slow witted republicans moving again. Comey is old news.
Gun Talk: Tom is discussing today how the Bloomberg organizations are coming after your second amendment rights by funding Democrat candidates for Governor in Virginia, New Jersey and for next year Florida.Democrats for 'gun safety' by taking the firearm away from the American citizen.
Armed American Radio: Mark flying alone tonight,discussing the great prices on firearms in general since President Trump was elected. All can change quicker than a NY minute. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting.
Tom Anderson: Tom thinks we will get our ducks in a row regarding North Korea