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Rush Limbaugh: There's no such thing as the "deep state," says the New York Times
Tom Sullivan: Tom is discussing John Kasich saying the President is open to negotiable on health care bill. Right now the repubs are not working on rising cost and they have not removed the border for state to state to to buy policies. That was a big promise.
Lars Larson (National): Lars is discussing the Netherlands surpressing protests and Turkey accusing them of being intolerant. He was interviewing Dr Logan Bryant who wrote the book, 'Obama No war no vision', and taking callers.
Mark Levin: Obama's health insurance subsidies were due to end anyway
Rush Limbaugh: How much hope do we have for meaningful change if we can't even get rid of Obamacare?
Savage Nation: The illiberal fascist left is on the warpath
Michael Medved: Medved wants Trump to give in to the media on the wiretap thing
Mark Levin: Mark says he'll be the only one blasting Florida GOP congresswoman Ros Lehtinen for supporting Obamacare
Chris Plante: R. Maddow's spectacular fail on Trump's taxes
Rush Limbaugh: MSNBC reveals that Trump paid taxes at a higher rate than Warren Buffett
Tom Sullivan: Tom is discussing that in Trumps speech in Detroit today, that the CAFE rules suck and are hampering the sale and cost of the automobiles in the U.S.
The god aweful CAFE standard could be going away ! wooHooo !
Take that obo !
Lars Larson (National): Lars is taking calls with the topic of Republican-care that is bogged down in the House.The Repubs have this idea,everyone wants to be covered & must give entitlement to everyone. Its not going to end well for the repubs who are trying to help their special-interest who were cut out by obo-care.
Mark Levin: The stay against Trump's latest travel pause is judicial tyranny, says Mark
Larry Elder (Salem): The son of a Hamas commander is speaking out against killing in the name of Allah
Chris Plante: Chris talks about the National Panhandler radio,(NPR) and PBS being cut from Trump budget. Big-Bird is a millionaire and will be OK,they don't need our subsidy. Also the judge in Hawaii that stopped national security 'again' and how the media is celebrating.
Dennis Prager: Liberal democracies in Europe are having second thoughts about their open door policies
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says President Trump's budget is 'awesome'
Savage Nation: Mike is talking about his and his dog Teddy assault over a restaurant. Especially after they didn't arrest the 'communist'( his words)that assaulted him. He also says 'the Law is a ass'.
Mark Levin: Without naming them, Mark criticizes anti-Trump talk hosts Charlie Sykes and John Ziegler
Chris Plante: Ignored by the media: Leading Democrat admits there's no evidence of Russia & Trump team collusion
Glenn Beck: Democrats are hoping Neil Gorsuch will say something out of line because they've got nothing on him
Mark Levin: Two agencies created by Congress won't respond in public to Congress
Glenn Beck: A guest thinks well-known liberals won't risk alienating supporters by aligning with Glenn for civility
Laura Ingraham: Laura reports that Trump ordered a conservative congressman to stand up while he was talking to him
Info Wars: Alex is off today and David Knight is up. He does conversation very well, intelligent and even handed. Right now David was discussing terrorist attack in London again.