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"Questions of truth do not enter into social issues. Principles have no influence on public affairs." Dr Floyd Ferris ?

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Info Wars: Alex is on vacation and the calming voice of David Knight is filling in (Its nice). Brought to you by 'Fully Cooked Bacon'.
Discussing the classless 'corey booker' Where does the 'dems' find these 'dregs'? Afraid to ask where 'Jones' is on vacay at.
Dennis Prager: People who see themselves as victims lose their conscience — especially when they aren’t
Sean Hannity: Sean and Sen. Rand Paul are disturbed by liberal senators accusing their colleague Jeff Sessions of racism
Tom Sullivan: Tom discussing with callers that 'The Geek squad' computer repair is putting 'Kiddie-porn' on computers and calling FBI. They get paid for finding it on computers, but it can show up in image searches with Google, & its on your computer, you don't know it. 4th amendment
Laura Ingraham: Contrary to Obama's Chicago harangue, 'peace and justice' didn't end the great depression
Glenn Beck: Secretary of State nominee Tillerson says Russia is a danger -- will Trump say the same today?
Chris Plante: Chris wonders if Obama walked across Lake Michigan when he finished his speech
Rush Limbaugh: Rush cackles with joy as Trump grapples with the media
Mark Levin: Mark is livid over the media's attempt to slander the president-elect
John Batchelor: John runs down the buzz words we may expect to hear in 2017
Chris Plante: Chris Plante discusses and ask his listeners: How many reporters can dance on the head of a pin at CNN ? Describing how CNN interview of KellyAnne Conway where Anderson cooper claims he invented the question mark.
Glenn Beck: Some unhinged liberals say Trump's press conference marks the end of our republic
Laura Ingraham: Michelle Obama's legacy: Kids throwing away their 'healthy' school lunches
Rush Limbaugh: Happy Birthday Rush (he is 66). New York Times is planning to ban the term "fake news".
Rush Limbaugh: The drive-by media is still having kittens over Trump's shutdown of a CNN hack
Dennis Prager: Trump is right -- the general public doesn't care about his tax returns
John Gibson: Joe Concha of The Hill notes that just before every big Trump event, the media comes out with some sensational story
Mark Levin: Gen. 'Mad Dog' Mattis agrees with Mark that Russia wants to break up NATO
John Batchelor: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) explains how Mexico will pay for a new border wall
Chris Plante: Chris' friend William Peter Blatty, who wrote 'The Exorcist,' has died
Rush Limbaugh: Rush says Trump is running circles around the media
Mark Levin: Obama's EPA is working to tie the new administration's hands on 'greenhouse gas standards'
Rush Limbaugh: So many important things going on in the world, so Rush starts off with his golf game and the Steelers
Tom Sullivan: Tom is discussing the end of the 'Greatest Show on Earth' after 146 years. The Elephant parade is no more, they would unload the elephants off the train in town and parade to the big tent. No more,
John Batchelor: Considering how many judges he gets to appoint, Trump has a good chance of seeing his agenda remain law