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Congress repeals “internet privacy” protections

Washington Post

The FCC is not part of the executive branch – it is an independent commission that is accountable to Congress. The only authority the FCC has is to do those things delegated to it by Congress by law and contained in the Code of Federal Regulation in Section 47

Rcently departed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, knowing he had two flunkies that would vote for anything, started creating new powers for the FCC not authorized by Congress, the largest being Net Neutrality. The wide ranging proposals were not shown to the two Republican commission members and put into effect with minimal public comment. Rather than fight in the courts, Congress is undoing Wheeler’s usurpation of regulation of the Internet.

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Westinghouse Electric files for bankruptcy

Fortune Magazine

This is the Pittsburgh based subsidiary that builds equipment for nuclear power plants, that was acquired by the troubled company that was rocked by an accounting scandle in 2015.

Part of what is hurting Westinghouse is that fracking for natural gas is undermining the cost structure of nuclear power generation. Scana Corp is currently building two new nuclear power generation units in South Carolina and began making preparations about 6 months ago for the possibility of Toshiba withdrawing and never completing the plants.

They just announced they will be holding a news conference today


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NC returns to partisan election of judges


Governor Cooper cannot stop anything the Repblican NC Legislature wants to pass. The first veto override just happened. Judges will now potentially have to run in a primary, and then run in the general election with a party ID.

And the big wheel keeps on rolling…

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Jing Jin Ji

China’s new megalopolis (NBC News)

While the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines suffered through years of politically motivated delays, China is moving forward with a clear plan to turn China and its 1.4 billion people into the world’s largest economy.

While Amtrak considers 90 mph passenger rail over existing freight tracks as “high speed rail”, China is building dedicated intercity high speed passenger rail, with another 10,000 miles planned.

Mr Kushner has his work cut out. It may too late to keep the US government from plowing us into the shoals. Just see what Maxine Waters thinks needs to be fixed.

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End of an era

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Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market

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Illegal pancake eating


At least he wasn’t tasered or shot by police for his own well-being

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Nobel Peace Prize nomination

The person who came up with the concept of the cell phone lot at airports

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New Blog Contributor

The newly minted Mrs Fred Stiening has some things to say to the world (beyond what an adorable guy I am…) Both of us will be a bit occupied for a few weeks as she relocates to the Charlotte mansion, but maybe she will introduce herself soon while wasting time waiting for the plane today.

She is a Conservative Christian woman who used to work for a major newspaper full of liberals. Her two weeks in Charlotte have been wonderful for both of us.

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One Ringy Dingy

The color of the Aegean Sea… details to follow…

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