June bugging

June was meant for randomness

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Trump has a new bulldog

Radio and TV host and Constitutional lawyer Jay Sekulow has joined President Trump’s personal legal team. He made the rounds over the weekend on the TV shows.

Jay Sekulow became known for working with Pat Robertson, who created the American Center for Law and Justice, formed as s counter balance to the ACLU. Sekulow has six victories in cases that went to the Supreme Court.

Sekulow is a Messianic Jew – a person of Jewish ancestory who accepts that Jesus was the Messiah. All the knives are out for him, but decades of TV appearances will serve him and Trump well.


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Used coffee cups

The other day I was at my favorite Starbucks (the one with two PokéStops) and saw this confusing container:

It appears that Starbucks is convincing its green customers that they are recycling by sending empty dirty coffee cups to the landfill.

Here is a better picture I did not take:

Relying on customers to know what is and isn’t recyclable is futile as one mistake renders the recyclable bag useless. The can has the instructions “Some Day, everything will be recyclable. Until then, let’s sort it out together. Thanks.”

This story goes into much more detail into the problem as well as hints at the reality that much of what people recycle still winds up at the landfill.


The charade does employ people however.

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Liberal web site creating fake “Conservative” news

Sources matter

thelastlineofdefense.org is a totally fake website run by liberals to lure in Christians and Conservatives into repeating totally fake news, because as we all know Christians and Conservatives are mindless sheep who will believe any conspiracy, like Donald Trump being a Russian agent or George Bush flying an SR-71 to Paris to have a secret meeting With Iran to delay the release of the Iranian hostages.

About the only people who apparently read this site are snopes and factcheck.org

This is not an original idea. Back in the mid 1990s, on Usenet (a way to share messages worldwide before the Internet was opened to all), there was an individual who crafted very complicated conspiracies intended to draw in Conservatives – until one day he announced he was a liberal professor and he had been conducting a sociological experiment to see how far he could advance his theories. It was hard to sort out if any of the followers were real, or just liberals who were playing along to make Consevatives look stupid, or “sock puppets”. Every once in a while Alex Jones suggests his entire operation might be a false flag deception run by the New World Order.

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New York Observer

Yesterday,  I encountered an interesting story from some entity called “Observer” and subscribed to their newsletter.  It wasn’t clear if it is just a web site or a real newspaper, and no hint who owns it.    The articles are mostly opinion pieces rather than hard news.

After a little research, I was able to discern it is the New York Observer, headquartered on  Whitehall Street, which is right in the financial district at the Southern tip of Manhattan.  So who owns it and why are they looking to capture my eyeballs?

It turns out the “paper” was acquired in 2006 for $10 million by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump. It had been a weekly print publication for 50 years, but with the victory of Donald J Trump, it ceased printing a paper version and the digital assets were put up for sale.

NY Times on NY Observer transition

This account by the former editor of Observer gives insight into both the paper and Jared Kushner

Washington Post

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2017 Darwin award nominee

Some people were born to remove themselves from the gene pool


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While they had a brief mid-afternoon rush when I arrived, they had been caught up for about five minutes before I pointed out to the manager that there were issues. The melted ice cream / dairy messes had been there when I walked in about 20 minutes earlier and looked like it had been there a while. The manager herself dropped some refrigerated item on the floor (apple slices?) and let it sit on the floor waiting for an opportunity that nobody would see her pick it up.

She seemed to think the employees had the sanitation under control despite the cup on the floor and overflowing trash cans. I called the number on the comment line and asserted my white privilege of high expectations about sanitation.

Countess will be glad to confirm my standards are very tolerant, but this was way over even my line.

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Tree or not?

The Countess and I went to the nearby YMCA and I asked if she saw anything out of place:

Here is a clue

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Cumulus launches rights plan


The market capitalization of Cumulus Media (NASDAQ: CMLS) is down to a mere $14 million, carrying debt of around $2.4 billion. The board just executed a preferred rights agreement intended to block a takeover attempt if any owner or group of owners with 5% of the stock tries to oust the current board.

The logical inference (based on no specific evidence) is that Lew Dickey’s $150 million blank check pool of money will be used to take back control of the company. This power struggle looks like a lose-lose deal no matter what.

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Merkel on Trump / Brexit


“The times when we could completely rely on others are, to an extent, over”

I think she is getting the Trump message.

On the other hand, Trump’s glib statement “See the millions of cars they are selling to the U.S. Terrible. We will stop this.” seems to show that he is unaware BMW has a final assembly plant in Spartanburg South Carolina, which exports many of the American built cars back to Europe. Mercedes has a similar assembly plant in Alabama.

Trump’s understanding of the car business is about 30 years out of date. If he wants to bring back jobs to US, start by repealing the unobtainable CAFE fuel efficiency requirement that is distorting consumer demand and distracting the car designers from making cars more useful to the buyers. People are having to buy trucks and vans in order to get what they need or want.

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