January 2018 randomness

Another sun cycle begins

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CNN’s Updated Privacy Policy


Translation: There is no such thing as privacy.

Google Ads (which I used for a few hours) requires publishers to have a web page on their site that disclosed that Google will receive information about your activities, so I wrote this:


Google no longer has direct visibility, but of course there are many ways they know indirectly like users of the Chrome browser syncing bookmarks.


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Global Warming, NC style

I hope they have a good plumber…

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A visit with Tony Robbins

Perhaps Business Insider doesn’t consider themselves journalists or reporters, but…


The author of the article flies to Fiji, does Tony’s meditation and exercise routine, drinks a potion of unknown ingredients, takes a sauna, and goes swimming in a waterfall.

How many lines did that cross and what insights did we get?

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If you spend sleepless nights listening to “fringe” radio stations, you may have heard of “The Overcomer Minustry”.   It is hosted by an 84 year old preacher in South Carolina.


He had previously plead guilty to activities similar to his current arrest.

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Merry Christmas

Greetings to all of our readers in Asia and Europe


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Christmas Shopping – no returns

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Elon Musk sending Tesla car into orbit around Mars

No, it is not April 1st


It is going along in January as a test payload for the huge “heavy” rocket

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Random Pictures

A requirement now for a car dealer waiting room: A phone charger

Merry Chevymas!

Windows makes a great impression

Across from SouthPark Mall (sorry for the jitter)

Walk in, strut out


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Ken Hamblin has surfaced

Former syndicated talk show host Ken Hamblin (“the black avenger”) has surfaced! I have mentioned my confusion as to why he vanished overnight with no trace or explanation. He is suddenly posting clips on a youtube channel





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