August is for autumn

Next week is the PGA golf tournament in Charlotte North Carolina. Massive crowds are expected

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1,000 new FM “stations” to save AM

The FCC gave AM stations an opportunity to request an FM translator without requiring them to buy an existing license. Around 1,000 licenses have been applied for.

Here is The List

When this process is complete, most AM stations will be heard on FM unless either the AM station is derelict or is located in a big city where no FM frequency is available.

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Setting the table

There is an area near our door which needed a very special table. We did an exhaustive search on Amazon Prime and found this one.

Back close to normal, I assumed my role as dutiful husband and assembled it today. The result is pleasing all the people who matter…

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Reasons for hope at VOA

Voice of America discovers Conservative Millenials living in the Midwest

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Fired Google employee speaks out

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Pay to not play

The Washington Post suddenly discovered this issue because they think they can tie Stephen Bannon to it

For several years, I played an online game called Runescape. Between the gold farmers and the efforts to stop the gold farmers, the game was drained of any entertainment value. Affluent mothers viewed the game as a cheap babysitter and would give their children real money to buy “stuff” in the game through third parties in order to advance without learning how to play the game or doing the boring repetitive “work”.

The most curious detail in the story was that Goldman Sachs got involved in the financing of the virtual gold exchange

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Caught Red Handed

One of the problems with “science” is humans who make decisions to filter out data points that contradict the hypothesis

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Real Diversity

The Goo is about to hit the fan…

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Schuye LaRue is living on the streets of Washington, D.C. … and she doesn’t want your help

Food for thought…

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It’s PGA week

When I moved back to Charlotte, I was aware that the PGA had an annual golf tournament in Charlotte at the Quail Hollow country club, previously sponsored by Wachovia Bank. When I decided to buy this condo, I was pretty oblivious to how close we live to the golf course. It is within easy walking distance (for normal people).

In a normal year, the only real effect of a PGA tour event is that the public road that runs by the country club is shut down for a week. Last year, there was not even enough interest to keep the road closed the entire week.

This year, Quail Hollow is hosting the PGA Championship event and significant activity preparing for the tournament has been evident for months. The media city has been built, and our condo association is handing out parking placards today in anticipation of having to tow cars trying to park in our parking lot.

A couple years ago, I joked about going to the PGA events wearing a John 3:16 T-shirt like the guy who used to annoy the golf TV broadcasters by positioning himself in every camera shot during the tournament. It will be an interesting week no matter what.

The medical plan for next week is to try again to put a stent in my ureter under a more controlled, non-emergency plan so small issues don’t become life threatening because you’re lacking the people and facilities to fix unexpected things in the middle of the night.

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