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The Clear Channel bankruptcy plan

As pointed to be Tom Taylor’s news letter: SEC Filing This is proposed pre-packaged bankruptcy. In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, normally there is an entity called the “Debtor in possession”. The DIP agrees to put up the money to keep … Continue reading

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Website Status

Most blog readers (all ~6 of you) know that about six months ago, I turned off the streaming radio guide that is the progeny of The amount of work was excessive and incompatible with the obligations of being a … Continue reading

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February Thread

The days get longer as the month gets shorter

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Over the weekend, we visited our niece in Dunn North Carolina. She is working there temporarily at a facility that desperately needs her skills. While Countess and my niece were engrossed with the Eva Gardner museum in Smithfield NC, I … Continue reading

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IHeart (Clear Channel) skips $106 million interest payment The management of Clear Channel / iHeart has made a choice to not pay the $106 million due on February 1st. There is a 30 day grace period during which iHeart can try to strike a deal. So far, … Continue reading

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Someone needed to say this

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January 2018 randomness

Another sun cycle begins

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CNN’s Updated Privacy Policy Translation: There is no such thing as privacy. Google Ads (which I used for a few hours) requires publishers to have a web page on their site that disclosed that Google will receive information about your activities, so I … Continue reading

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Global Warming, NC style

I hope they have a good plumber…

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