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FCC Red Lighting

WNBN-AM in Meridian Mississippi has a problem, and so does the FCC. Forfeiture Order This document is somewhat garbled – it might be postscript or PDF format. The story described in the forfeiture order begins in 2007, when the FCC … Continue reading

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Chinese Hacking Attempt

This web server can’t be accessed from China. This attack is what is called an SQL injection attack, putting extra “stuff” at the end to try to trick the coding to cough up information from the database, like user emails … Continue reading

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Improved Poll Editing

When you create a poll, you have the ability to alter the poll after the fact. This becomes more important if you allow other users to suggest answers. While I have the ability to overrule you, the poll is basically … Continue reading

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This website is now “secure”

A few months ago, I posted information about Apple ios 10 blocking access to websites without a secure connection, if you wanted to tell a website your GPS location. I use that capability in the “show me radio/TV stations near … Continue reading

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Massaquoi Kotay is dead Mr. Kotay was a leader in the Liberian community in Charlotte. You might be thinking – wasn’t Liberia a country set up so that liberated American slaves could return to Africa? We need to find a way to blame … Continue reading

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Plan your next vacation in San Escobar

I think this may be related to the United States moving tanks (of potable water) to Poland’s border with Russia Facebook If you don’t want to travel to the western hemisphere, you could always visit Freedonia

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Progress in Kenya

The locomotives from China have just been unloaded from ships Barack Obama could make a railroad run on time Look at any of the men in the video pretending to work and compare their facial features to Barack Obama. Now … Continue reading

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Obama to expel legal Cuban immigrants I am surprised that this did not happen sooner – with Barack Obama withdrawing many of the sanctions against Cuba, it is hard to justify continuing automatic refugee status for Cubans that come to the United States. It does … Continue reading

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Pyrrhonian skepticism

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times sat down with Peter Thiel, the gay billionaire from Silicon Valley who spoke to the RNC convention, with a clear message to the room to get used to the idea of gay Republicans. … Continue reading

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The next project

The FCC databases were built for a specific purpose in 1979 – to perpetuate a manual paper process that went back to at least 1922 – before the FCC was created in 1934. The data is organized based on the … Continue reading

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