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Alan Colmes dead at age 66 Alan Colmes was married to the sister of Monica Crowley

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How to piss off an ABC TV station

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CFL Recycling Day!

Not wanting to be subjected to the hazmat suit process that Glenn Beck got when he “broke” a CFL bulb, I decided to be a responsible citizen and return my burnt out CFL bulbs so the environment would not be … Continue reading

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Post Valentine day afterglow

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Raymond W Smith

About a week ago, I ordered a book called Dormont to read with a friend. I grew up in a borough of Alleghany County, Pennsylvania named Dormont. It is in the South Hills and was about 1 square mile in … Continue reading

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Chick Magnet

Now here is one really great fashion statement I’ll let you know how it turns out. I stopped wearing a watch on my wrist as a child. I kind of like the feeling of this thing on my hand. I … Continue reading

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Meet Charlotte’s new city council woman

One of the Democrats on the council won his election, so she is his replacement Not shockingly, the Observer reporter is working on their own anti-Trump narrative. Most people in India speak English, although not as their first language. … Continue reading

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Big Agenda by David Horowitz

President Trump’s plan to save America

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Radio Tidbits – February 2017

Post news items about the radio biz here

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“Reporter” records Republicans in private meeting This story is a little convoluted, but a woman claiming to be a journalist snuck into a private meeting with Mike Pence and other Trump advisors by slipping past security, recorded the conversation and released it to a number … Continue reading

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