John R Gambling says Goodbye

Most of the last 90 years, New York City radio has had a Gambling helping start their day. John R is generation three of the Gambling radio family.

Most of his time was on WOR-AM, although he did move to WABC-AM in 2000, and back to WOR in 2008. He retired shortly after Clear Channel (iheartradio) bought the WOR, but unretired in 2014 and has been working at Salem’s “The Answer”

Friday he announced to his audience that the Gambling dynasty is over. There will be no 4th generation. Another WOR alumni fades to white noise…

Quinn & Rose back together again, almost

WAVL-AM in Apollo PA (Population 1,647) took advantage of the FCC Saving AM radio project and added an FM translator and did the opposite of most similar stations. They are switching from music to talk.

Quinn’s one man act is on from 6-9 AM, followed by the indomitable Rose Unplugged for an hour. She has been heard on the WPGP-AM in Pittsburgh, the former home of Mickey Mouse radio.

Quinn is on WCNS-AM (same owner) in Latrobe (former home of Rolling Rock Beer – population 8,338). Acceding to Quinn’s aspirations to pay for his Corvette from subscriber fees, the two stations do not stream.

WSYL-AM in New York appears to have dropped Quinn. Between Apollo and Latrobe, Quinn has a potential audience of about 100 listeners. At $5 CPM, an advertisement should cost about $.50, conservatively speaking.

Bloomberg goes after Steve Deace

Bloomberg story

Michael Bloomberg and his empire are about as hardcore #nevertrump as you can get. Late night religious Conservative talk show host Steve Deace is also. Since they’re both on the same team, why did Bloomberg decide to make the case that Deace is an idiot?

Beck Woe in Boston

Politico coverage

Glenn Beck is on trial for repeatedly accusing a Saudi national of being the “money man” in the Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombing. He continued to repeat the charge even after Homeland Security said there no evidence supporting that.

The standard of defamation is much different for public figures than it is for private individuals. Beck had made the claim he could be reckless in his accusations because the Saudi guy was a public figure – but the only reason anyone knew his name was Beck’s accusation. The judge threw out Beck’s twisted logic.

The judge ruled that Beck’s staff must disclose their sources – two currently unnamed Homeland Security officials. Journalists have some protectons against disclosing sources, but the one staffer who says he talked to homeland security wrote his notes on a post it note, which he threw away.

This is gonna cost a lot of money. It sounds like Beck will be spending much of his remaining time on Earth sitting in court rooms.

Limbaugh to hang around

Yesterday, I read Rush’s segment celebrating 28 years on radio and my reaction was he was laying the capstone on his career. An important aspect of negotiating is convincing the other party that you are prepared to walk away from the negotiating table.

No specifics on the deal.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is suing the guy who ran TheBlaze from 2009 to 2014 for squandering money. He is not the first show biz person to be so occupied with being on stage that he paid little attention to the money flying out the window. A few clips of Glenn saying things like “I don’t know where the money for this will come from”, “my advisors say this doesn’t make sense”… And demanding his staff find a way to do things when there was no money to do them… Shockingly, his projects were funded with borrowed money.

Suing the guy who was your business manager has to be horrible for morale and recruiting management. Someone like Stu has watched all this and would rip Glenn apart if forced to testify under oath. Stu is to Beck as James Golden is to Rush – keeping him in check by challenging his unfounded assertions before they go “over the line”. Glenn Beck imploding does not make me sad.

Alex Jones has arrived

The bigger world is starting to know who Alex Jones is. The Republican nominee knows who he is and doors are opening.

On Thursday’s show, he did most of an hour with Milo with a very warm and interesting conversation about a variety of topics. They talked about the Hillary for Prison meme, which did break out as a chant in the Convention.

Later in the show, he played the interview his staff did with Nigel Farage, the man who caused Brexit as leader of the U.K. independent Party (UKIP). Alex had dinner with Nigel and Roger Stone.

The incident where Alex Jones pushed back on the Communist demonstrators who were getting ready to burn an American flag brought him face to face with the Cleveland police chief who he initially shoved not realizing who was trying to restrain him. Not only did Alex not get in trouble, he found out that he was well known by the Cleveland police in a positive way.

Rush Limbaugh may have signaled trouble in radio paradise on his show on Monday. He is undergoing negotiations with Premiere to extend his existing contract which is running out. Alex believes Rush is going to lose his show and it is part of the same movement of Hillary’s people that just got Roger Ailes kicked out of Fox News. Since Fox went wall to wall anti-Trump, people are tuning out in droves. Rush said something like “I is willing to end my radio career if it meant that it would defeat Hillary”. A bit cryptic…

The “real” media started seeking out Jones. He knows why they are suddenly behaving friendly toward him and avoided them for the most part. As the real media are realizing that Trump is aware of and influenced by Alex Jones, they see Alex Jones as a way to “get to” Donald Trump, given Jones’ controversial views.

Alex Jones will be in Philadelphia next week. The Bernie supporters may well buy lots of the Hillary for Prison 2016 T-Shirts.

Rushing Home

Has it been 8 years already? Tom Taylor reminds the radio world that Rush’s 8 year, $200 million contract with Premiere Radio (iHeart/Clear Channel) ends in the next few weeks, as the company is fending off lawsuits trying to pull the company into bankruptcy or reorganization of its debt.

Rush and Glenn Beck have similar but different deals. Both produce their own shows in their own studio paying their own staff. When it comes to the Internet, Beck owns his web site and archives and the related revenue streams. For Rush, Premiere owns, 24×7 Rush and the Merchandising. Some portion of that revenue goes to Rush, probably as an offset to his salary or maybe with triggers for incentives. Those kinds of details are not public.

One idea apparently being floated is to turn over the intellectual property to Rush in exchange for Rush taking less money. That makes sense – if iHeart does get dragged into a financial quagmire, if Rush owns his entire product, that keeps it away from creditors.

In my far out speculation, I could see iHeart spinning off Premiere to a third party. There was a time when Premiere might have been a hot standalone IPO, but I think that time has come and gone. Rush is pushing retirement age, Glenn Beck is getting tenuous, Bob & Tom have no Bob, Kidd Kraddick is dead, Fox Sports Radio lingers on, Sean Hannity is busy counting the days until we take the country back and George Noory is busy chasing his Shadow. I don’t see anything there global bankers want to buy.

Alex Jones makes a huge error

Alex Jones is spreading himself too thin. He stated on yesterday’s show he used to work 18 hours a day. His 4 hour/day show would be much better as a 2 hour show with careful show prep.

Yesterday he started talking about the murder of Jo Cox, a Labour Party MP for the U.K. Jones was portraying (as far as I have listened) that she was backing Brexit, and her murder was obviously connected to the cabal that runs the EU

Even a slight look at anything – like here tweets to #remain would make it clear she is a supporter of staying in the EU – she is an “opponent of the EU Brexit”.

In the past, when Jones is confronted with data that proves his beliefs are wrong – like the Amtrak extermination camp in Indiana, he won’t back down and admit he was wrong.

It puzzles me why Donald Trump is aligning himself with Jones and Michael Savage, except that it doesn’t. The Dump Trump forces were in full attack mode last night on John Batchelor. It sounds like the RNC is prepared to ignore the voters, declare your votes mean nothing, and deal with the consequences. I feel their pain. Trump is on a suicide mission to destroy their party. He won’t talk to donors, won’t do any campaign organizing, isn’t coordinating with the RNC and has no willingness to adapt his ideas to reality.