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The more geeky among you may be aware that Google offers a “free” DNS lookup service that tends to be more reliable than your Internet Provider. By adding in as your domain server, your computer will ask google to … Continue reading

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Anthem backs Obamacare reform

Boston Herald Anthem provides Blue Cross / Blue Shield nationally for employers with employees scattered all over the country. Their main customer is the United States government – which gave the Obama administration substantial leverage to blackmail Anthem. The Affordable … Continue reading

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Trolling the Amazon Book Store

A truly phenomenal book has reached #1 on the Amazon best seller list. The book is titled Reasons to vote for Democrats By Michael J Knowles. The jacket includes an endorsement by radio talk show host Ben Shapiro. The book … Continue reading

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US military sends B52s to Korea, troops to fight ISIS

Hold on tight B1, B52s to South Korea 82nd airborne “boots on the ground” in Kuwait

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“It’s Terrible” “Concrete” business owner who has been in the country illegally for 8 years fighting deportation and running a business for two years has been taken into custody by ICE and is headed back to Mexico. The story doesn’t mention … Continue reading

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Bloomberg warming up to Trump It’s time to play “let’s make a deal”!

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Show Biz

Trump kept his beautiful hair Remember that Linda McMahon, Vince’s wife now runs the Small Business Administration for Trump.

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Is Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch Revolting?

Yes, according to WorldNet Daily

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Charles Murray attacked at Middlebury College

Charles Murray, author of the book Bell Curve, which dared to ask the unaskable question of whether intelligence is predicative of success, and a person’s intelligence is largely a result of a person’s DNA. NY Times He is used to … Continue reading

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Former “online reporter” arrested for nationwide anti Jewish threats

I just went to the local Jewish Community Center two days ago on an errand and was worried I would look suspicious with the increased security. As it turns out, I look nothing like him.

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