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Happier than a pig wallowing in donuts

The report as promised My pickup window was 4-5 PM. That meant I could change or cancel my order up until 1 AM (hence my suspicion some picking is done overnight) It takes about 20 minutes to get to this … Continue reading

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Dangerous Faggot Tour

Milo was at UCLA today. I’m not saying it was related to the shootings, I’m not saying it was not. He came to prominence during the Gamergate controversy and now works for Breitbart. Context Result

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Do Not Track, next chapter

For those who have been here a long time, a major reason for my reducing the website the first time was the threat of government intervention requiring websites to honor “do not track” settings. You have probably noticed many websites … Continue reading

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Let’s ban the bullets” BATF head resigns

[written March 3 2015] African-American ATF Chief Resigns After “Bullet Ban” Controversy

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Hot Diggity Dog!

In addition to being election day in Nevada for Republicans, today is hot dog day at burger king The suggested price for the Chili Cheese Dog is $2.29, make it a combo for a little less than $5 The appearance … Continue reading

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2:20 PM on Wednesday

If you want to catch the United States off guard, that would be the time to do something. You may remember earlier in the Obama years, FEMA and the FCC conducted a mandatory test of the national Emergency Alert System. … Continue reading

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Le future

For a mere $14,500, the future of cars is here. The Smart Car ForTwo is waiting for you. This car was in the parking lot of a very large outdoor shopping mall. The Smart car is fighting against the mathematics … Continue reading

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Gun Control from the trenches

Rowan County NC is a largely rural county on I-85 between Charlotte and Greensboro. It has a population of around 140,000 In NC, the County Sheriff is an elected position. Kevin Auten won reelected in 2014 with over 70% of … Continue reading

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Welcome your Stevia Overlords

The last time I went to the buffet place, the Sierra Mist seemed different. It’s the one widely available fountain drink from Pepsi made without HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). Well well… I also have a 12 pack in the … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck on the Statue of Liberty

Glenn Beck picked up the criticism of a columnist for Smithsonian Magazine – who proposed her belief that the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty intended it to represent a Muslim woman. The columnist is severely wrong. She also says … Continue reading

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