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The part of radio that makes its living by talking

O’Reilly out at Fox? That would be pretty foolish. O’Reilly could do enormous damage to the News Corp empire with his knowledge from the inside. Bill O’Reilly has a face for radio, if he ever decides to return.

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Introducing Shannon Joy

On September 9th, 2016, radio host Bill Nojay called 911 to be sure that a police officer would respond and witness his suicide. He was due to report to Federal Court to face charges of fraud on his management of … Continue reading

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Meghan McCain gets shown the door

Countess spotted this before I did. Maybe I can add her to the staff as a hard news reporter. If I teach her how to use Google News, this could become a “go to” radio news site So Meghan signed … Continue reading

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Jay Severin

I was asked this morning what is going to happen to Jay Severin. Jay Severin has Issues™ Jay is based in Boston and was fired by the defunct WTKK-FM after claiming he had sex with the interns. Jay is a … Continue reading

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Jon Grayson is done

Jon Grayson was originally doing an overnight show on KMOX in Saint Louis – CBS radio spread the show to its own stations, and then went into wider syndication by Westwood One, now owned by Cumulus Media. The main competitors … Continue reading

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Art Bell suing Michael Savage

Per Tom Taylor… The subject matter seems to be the age and occupation of Art Bell’s wife who he married after Ramona Bell died unexpectedly. Those with a very long memory will remember that Art Bell used to work for … Continue reading

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Another Progressive Talker throws in the towel

WXXM-FM in Sun Prairie WISCONSIN (Madison) is switching to Classic Hits. Madison Wisconsin plans to secede from the United States and join Canada according to my Russian puppet masters.

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Herman Cain leaves the stage

Herman “9-9-9” Cain has had enough. He has turned in his 30 day notice to his syndicator. He will still be heard on WSB in Atlanta and other Cox stations. The syndicator is suggesting Kilmeade as a replacement. It may … Continue reading

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Michael Savage entering Radio Hall of Fame

The Museum of Broadcasting History in Chicago is adding the latest crop of inductees tonight. This year they let let listeners vote, so Michael Savage has one more claim to fame. Also being inducted is Steve Harvey, who just announced … Continue reading

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The new pecking order

With the normal disclaimer that this web site only measures the people who visit here Streaming Stats There are a lot fewer people now in syndicated talk. Hugh Hewitt has taken over for Bill Bennett in the mornings on Salem … Continue reading

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