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WLW-AM in Cincinnati is a one-of-a-kind radio station for a lot of reasons. It still dominates the ratings in Cincinnati and its entire programming lineup is live and locally produced. The station was acquired by Jacor in 1992, 4 years before the feeding orgy in 1996. Jacor was merged into Clear Channel, which is now […]

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CharlotteNC is the czar of North Carolina radio, looking to take over all of the Confederate territories. The Source In Spartanburg SC is an AM/FM pair owned by the feeble Davidson Media group, which has slowly been unloading a number of stations that were bought using borrowed money during the radio bubble after the 1996 […]

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People in China are outraged about the village caught killing wolves to make wolf stew. Y

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Operators of Low Power FM stations are pushing back of the rules the NAB/FCC imposed to make it impossible for them to survive, after having been authorized by Congress close to 15 years ago. Since they operate at 100 watts or less, they create a minimal interference issue, but if they were legally allowed to […]

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The CEO of Emmis Radio has been on a campaign for a long time to get cell phone makers to enable their capability to listen to FM radio stations (the Wifi connection is itself just an FM receiver, so this isn’t novel hardware, just tuning to the right frequency). Jeff Smulyan initially wanted the government […]

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You won’t read much about music DJ’s here, as 80+% of the folks who traverse hyperspace and wind up here are looking for Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. John Landecker is one of those names in Chicagoland that generates immediate recognition. John Landecker was a DJ back in the days of WLS-AM before it […]

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With a few exceptions like Rush Limbaugh, free “On Demand” archives is the end for syndicated talk radio, and I’m not protecting radio stations from their fate for choosing to be lazy and stop producing local content. Clark Howard has cut back from 3 hours a day to two, and sounds very much now like […]

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For a decade, Gordon Chang has been telling anyone who would listen that China’s economic boom was built on fake numbers and nonsensical economic activity like building empty cities that have no reason to exist. The Peking ducks have come home to roost. Most of the stocks on the stock exchange were halted to prevent […]

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Well, just when the Internet ™ was working well, here is the bad news. After a decade of putting off the inevitable, the IPv4 address space is officially exhausted. No more for you! Since moving to the linode server, I enabled IPv6 and sat back waiting for something to happen. About a week ago, […]

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Dr Bill was a mainstay on KGO-AM back in the ABC liberal talk days, although his politics are not easy to put in a box. His show is now Your Care America, a medical show hosted by Eric Wattenburg M.D. who operates a medical clinic in Central Oregon. Perhaps Roy Masters is his patient.

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