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One Ringy Dingy

The color of the Aegean Sea… details to follow…

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Jimmy Breslin has died

Well known New York columnist Jimmy Breslin has died NY Daily News I remember Breslin appearing on Larry King’s syndicated radio show a very long time ago. Breslin and King shared similar politics and experiences of their life growing up … Continue reading

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The Streaming Revolution

15 years ago, if you wanted to listen to streaming radio, it was a mess. There were 100 different ways to stream, and each one had a different method. Some needed Java, some forced you to install a browser plugin … Continue reading

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Can you hear me now?

Yesterday, we went shopping for hearing aids. It was a mostly positive experience, especially compared to my first attempt at this. There is no doubt that I would benefit from a hearing aid, and other than the price, I’m generally … Continue reading

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Parrot U

While out and about, I stumbled on this store called Parrot U. The store is pretty much what you would think it is – it is a store that teaches parrots. So when I walked up to the window, a … Continue reading

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March Madness

So next week, the real madness begins in the NCAA college basketball tournament gets under way, with the finals being played the first week of April. As promised, the NCAA is boycotting North Carolina over the transgender bathroom issue, so … Continue reading

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Intro to Alex Jones / infowars

Joe Biggs is much more entertaining than Alex. I wonder if I could grow a beard that good.

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The more geeky among you may be aware that Google offers a “free” DNS lookup service that tends to be more reliable than your Internet Provider. By adding in as your domain server, your computer will ask google to … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs and Wall Street Banks

Young men working at “Wall Street Banks” use drugs and pay for sex, according to Barron’s. Barron’s story I’m shocked! The story only quotes a single source, a therapist looking to recruit patients. Since the NYSE has moved to Atlanta … Continue reading

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Adding poor white students makes a school diverse

The Charlotte Observer tackles the issue of whether charter schools in an all white area of Charlotte have an obligation to be more diverse, and what that means in practice… I never knew that I am a diverse person, … Continue reading

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