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The coming water famine

It would appear that the United States has run out of water.

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Testing bias

40% of 3rd graders in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Schools failed the state mandated “end of grade” reading proficiency test. Here is a sample Section Imagine for a second that you live in an apartment complex or public housing and … Continue reading

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Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts hits the showers

The LGBT activist Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was soundly voted out of office by a 10% margin in the Democratic primary yesterday. She was defeated by Vi Lyles, the former budget director and assistant city manager. She faces Republican … Continue reading

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Nancy Gibbs, Managing Editor of Time Magazine, was one of the speakers at the Chautauqua Week 8, themed on journalistic ethics in the digital ago. There were several things about the Chautauqua presentations that disappointed us. The presentations were … Continue reading

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America’s Master Handyman has laid down his last hammer

Glenn Haege has died at the age of 70 from cancer. While many people will know him from national radio syndication, he was more known as a Detroit radio personality. Detroit News

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Is Donald Trump riding the “9/11 thruther” train?

With the law passed by the Republican Congress to allow the 9/11 complicity lawsuit against the Saudi government, evidence is piling up of direct Saudi government involvement in 9/11 The NY Post carries a report detailing evidence gathered by the … Continue reading

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The Equifax mess

The AP business writer is already picking up the vibes. The alleged breach of the Equifax may not be quite what it appears. Media outlets are directing people to this web site: The site is controlled by Equifax … Continue reading

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Chicken and egg

Which comes first – do Democrats cause city governments to fail, or do cities fail and then elect Democrats?

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Freedom Park

Freedom Park is an urban public park just to the South of Uptown Charlotte. It was created as a tribute to the Americans who fought in World War II. Freedom Park As part of my recovery program, we started the … Continue reading

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Hugo Redux

In 1989, Charlotte NC was clobbered by Hurricane Hugo. Because hurricanes never track inland, 100 year old trees grew unmolested – spared from being tested by high winds. They were ripe to knock over, blocking major roads and downing power … Continue reading

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