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Mobile Homes are now too expensive to afford

Bloomberg news story The Countess and I have been doing some driving further away and seeing the state of the economy and communities outside of the Charlotte bubble. Back in the 1970s, mobile Homes were everywhere, and promoted heavily on … Continue reading

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CBS Radio merger into Entercom has closed

CBS split off the radio assets into CBS Radio which were given to eligible CBS shareholders at about 5.6 shares per share of Class B stock. CBS Radio shares will convert to Entercom Class A shares. CBS will retire about … Continue reading

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Pilot / Flying J

I am no longer in a position to listen to overnight radio, but the Midnight Trucking / Redeye show must be getting interesting. There is a trial underway accusing senior people at Pilot Flying J of systematically cheating trucking … Continue reading

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The EPCOT vision of Bill Gates

Walt Disney fancied himself to be the creator of a completely planned perfect city that would be powered by safe nuclear power (“atoms for peace”). What he lacked was a basic understanding of how people actually live in a real … Continue reading

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Chinese Hamster Ovary cells

While reading the product sheet for a medicine we were using today, the fine print mentioned that the drug was tested for safety using Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (CHO). What?

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College in 2017

It has gotten so bad that The Atlantic is calling out the excesses of the Social Justice Warriors The Surprising Revolt at the Most Liberal College in the Country

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Murder solved

You may have heard about the young woman whose body was found behind the church in Charlotte in September. The Charlotte Police have charged a homeless Navy veteran who lived on the Navy base in Norfolk where he did odd … Continue reading

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iHeart embraces podcasting, uh-huh

Tom Taylor’s newsletter mentioned that iHeart/Clear Channel has signed a deal with a podcasting company to move into offline distribution. This morning, iHeartRadio emailed me information. Here is the podcast info for Sean Hannity: It is pretty pathetic that … Continue reading

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Triton digital rankings Triton is not the only company providing streaming, but they are the 900 pound gorilla

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Before the @ sign

In 1994, the US government decided it was way past time to make the Internet available to the huddled masses, much to the consternation of the academics and military contractors who ran the Internet to that point. The computer world … Continue reading

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