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Mining bitcoins is destroying the planet

My comment last month was hypothetical For those not familiar with the process, a bitcoin is a secure virtual currency. In order to prevent a flood of that coin and a bubble market and bust, you have to create … Continue reading

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Who will be the Joseph Welch of #metoo?

In 1954, Joseph Welch stunned Senator Joseph McCarthy and his aide Roy Cohn by challenging the out of control committee accusing pretty much everyone of being a Communist. What we have going on at the moment is a cross betwen … Continue reading

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Russian Collusion

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The “Three Generation Rule”

Timothy Belk was one of the heirs of the Belk department store fortune. He is now running an organic farm with no prior farming experience. One of the other female heirs (in her 50s) married a surfer dude … Continue reading

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The Cashless Society

The year was 1976. I was attending Catawba College and involuntarily was assigned to an evening class with real adult people actually working out in the real world. Several of the men told us they were working on a business … Continue reading

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CMLS is toast

The deed is done. Facing default on Friday, Cumulus has filed a prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If I followed the details, the existing CMLS stock is cancelled with no residual value – that wipes out the Dickey Brothers and the … Continue reading

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