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77 year old Don Imus had a contract that Cumulus Radio cannot justify in bankruptcy, so this is the end of the Imus show in syndication. On WABC-AM in New York, syndicated Chris Plante moves to 10 AM to noon, and Sid Rosenberg and Bernie McGurk move to the 6-10AM time slot. Bernie was The […]

Mar 29th, 2018 | Filed under Uncategorized The EU passed data privacy laws (General Data Protection Regulation) two years ago that asserts a principle that EU privacy regulations apply not only to businesses that engage in commerce in Europe, or have computers in EU countries, but apply to all activities conducted by residents of the EU, even if no part of […]

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Having survived a week without a fatality, it was time to try out the light rail extension. We road it from end to end – I-485 to UNC-Charlotte. At the UNCC station, there was a very visible policeman watching the people coming off the train, so if you are riding the mugger mover in order […]

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In a move that is somewhat logical, the “new” Cumulus Board of Directors has two new directors with ties to Mexico. The FCC has been relaxing the rules about non-Americans owning broadcast licenses. This telegraphs to me that much of the Cumulus empire will soon be playing accordion music. With the exception of the former […]

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A glimpse into the history of Art Stone, who was on the receiving end of the attack. It was not a bilateral “war”. A huge train geek named Jon Bell – who I never met in real life – was also attacked. He came to Charlotte for the opening of the streetcar line. Had […]

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A few tidbits from the Tom Taylor newsletter along with having read the bankruptcy filing. John Malone had his lawyers show up at the “First Day Motions” to represent his interests. The filing has language permitting Malone to submit his own plan, or other parties. That language may have been added to fend off an […]

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talking about the new extension of the light rail line here in charlotte reminded me that i’d taken some pix of the salisbury, north carolina, amtrak station back in october when we were in salisbury  for fred’s 40th college reunion. below is a pix of the entrance to the station. above: another view of the […]

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Friday was the official launch of the $1.6 billion Blue Line extension, coinciding with the NCAA Round 1 playoff at the Spectrum Arena. No pushing!

Mar 17th, 2018 | Filed under Uncategorized It is important to note that the description says some of the lenders are on board. It reads like this will be a contested bankruptcy. After the group supporting the plan pins down the details, there is a period during which the dissenting creditors can offer an alternative plan (like John Malone’s plan) Radio […]

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