Free Scooters for all!

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Back in 2009, I created a poll about one of the big radio and TV advertisers at the time – a company was advertising “free!” Mobility scooters for anyone on Medicare [whisper voice – “if you qualify”]

Poll Results

Being a skeptic, and taxpayer, I went to investigate. It turned out the Free Scooter cost $6,000 and only included service for a year. There was an $800 copayment (assuming you could even get qualified) that would be waived. That’s outright Medicare fraud. The purpose of the copayment is for exactly this reason, otherwise an equipment provider could sell unneeded stuff to a patient, and then say “don’t worry about the copayment”, leaving the patient’s finances out of the decision whether they really need something that urgently.

Well, in 2013, the Feds showed up and shut the company down

The automobile window glass replacement ads seemed to have vanished as well.

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