2 Replies to “Making Music”

    1. My guess based on her name and location is she inherited money from the Orange business in Florida and thinks that by spending money she can make herself a star.

      This ties back to my diatribe the other day about George Michael and how artists think they have talent and underestimate how much their stardom is not due to them. By recording songs in a studio wearing headphones listening to prerecorded music, she is doing little more than singing karaoke.

      She probably can’t play any instrument, can’t sing without headphones, can’t interact with musicians, and could never do a live performance without lip syncing. She probably can’t read music and has had no vocal training. She isn’t even very attractive and a bit old to just be starting out. Going on the road beats you down very fast if you aren’t used to it.

      The result if she did succeed, she could become the next Mariah Carey meltdown on live TV.

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