Totally Random – January 2017

Here is the blank page, start writing.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    I learned today that Henry Ford built a factory in Charlotte in 1924 to build model Ts. It was repurposed during World War II as an arms depot and later to manufacture missiles

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    I’ve enabled a new plugin that should allow editing of comments for 30 minutes after you add them. This can get messy if someone has already replied to your comment, so use discretion

    It also lets you delete a comment if you change your mind

  3. JayMar says:

    Great idea as I sometimes catch my own mistakes after I post. I like this idea also of “start writing” and will take you up on it. My only problem is my need to diversify. I tend to keep my debates focused on two primary subjects, religion and politics. Although raised as an Orthodox-Conservative Jewish I have come to the conclusion that all religion is mythological in nature and that most synagogues are just clubs where people make-believe just for the sake of tradition.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      A couple cautions – while you have 30 minutes to update, once you start to edit, you have only 5 minutes.

      The editor of the blog has the ability to edit comments, but I have been burned multiple times by trying to write a long comment – the browser on an iPad has a mind of its own and will randomly decide to reload pages (probably low memory) Unlike editing posts, there is no auto save, so if the browser reloads the page, the comment I’ve been crafting for half an hour goes poof

      Another side effect is if you do edit the comment after the fact, it gets dumped into the moderation queue. Allowing people to edit comments after posting is a big hole where people might slip something in and not be noticed.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Well, you could post about the third topic you should never talk about – sex!

      Glad to see you resurface – I was concerned you might have overdone the egg nog.

      My view is that religion has hung around as it is a useful method to control behavior and organize society. The really true religion in the United States is really football. Sports is the opiate of the masses.

  4. Parrott says:

    I read the Ford Tri-motor manual. It was cool. They referred to it as a ‘ship’ several times. Thanks Fred.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The takeoff instructions were interesting – while it did not require all three motors to stay aloft, it did need them for takeoff. If one of the motors was not at full power, that could be a problem. So the suggested procedure was to start the motors on each wing first and listen for misfires and let them stabilize first, then fire up the motor on the nose last, as the noise was loud enough to mask the noise of the other two engines.

      It was a somewhat unpleasant experience as the thing was very noisy for the passengers, not heated and not pressurized. Your typical jet airplane is pressurized to about 15,000 feet, which can be uncomfortable for people with health problems.

      The DC3 dominated once it became available as it was a much more pleasant experience. Back in those days, they hired nurses for the flight attendants to reassure people everything would be OK

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    Drudge had click bait about a week ago about the coming cold blast exaggerating it to indicate temperatures 50 degrees below normal!!!! If you clicked the actual story the maps were in standard deviations, not degrees. The 30-50 degree variance was limited to one small area in Arizona.

    It snowed today in Charlotte, but a lot less than they expected. It was the typical two times per winter snowfall that fall overnight and mostly melted by noon. The city apparently now has 34 trucks for spreading brine to placate the people from New Jersey who annually complain about the stupid people of the South

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    Governor Cooper has targeted terminating the contract for the toll road in northern Mecklenburg County, which will cost the state about $100 million. This was probably the main reason McCrory lost, not transgender bathrooms. The Charlotte Observer and the Convention people are not letting go, although there is a recognition that the hate of Charlotte by the rest of the state is much deeper and broader than just that issue. Office occupancy is way up, real estate prices are zooming up, they can’t build new developments fast enough. The national “boycott” of Charlotte is a complete flop. It made PayPal look really stupid, though.

    The other day while testing schedule items, I was testing theBev Smith show she is one of the old time smart black female talkers. She and a caller were talking about LGBT and politics in the black community. They were somewhat talking in subtle language, but the essence was that the LGBTQ movement is not supported by the black community, only to the extent that stupid white men might castrate themselves. When gay folks compare their movement to the civil rights movement, that is particularly offensive. I didn’t hang around for the entire discussion, but based on similar conversations, the only part of LGBT that resonates is black women living together because of the shortage of decent men, because of drugs, prison and government policies that reward fathers to not get married. So there is some sympathy toward supporting women living together as partners, not even necessarily as sex partners, just for protection and survival raising children

  7. countess robini says:

    yay! the dinosaurs are back at the top of the page. makes me smile every time i see that pix.

  8. countess robini says:

    fred: saw the pix of the beautiful stone colonial house with blue shutters listed as the site for kyw am. is it the kyw 1060am that’s the all-news station in philly? do you have a specific location (town?) i don’t understand the techno stuff on how you find these places but it’s great fun to see the pix. thanks! and you’re right — the dino park would have been a classic kuralt feature story on a quiet sunday morning. (would have paired well with a cup of coffee from wawa and a blueberry muffin.)

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The most complete way would be to install Google earth – how you do that depends on what type of computer you are using. Google maps does not require installing anything, but it is more limited

      So when you go to the main web site, you can search for stations in any number of ways – once you get to the page for a radio station, there are two icons for Google maps and Google earth. If you just click on them it will show you the transmitter location in your browser/app. In Google earth, if you tell it to search on the station callsign, it usually takes you to the studio/business location.

      In older or smaller stations, the studio was often at the tower. There are lots of reasons that is a bad idea, so these days the “station” is typically downtown, and the transmitter is out in the country. It is also unusual for the a.m. and f.m. transmitters to be together because the FM tower interferes with the a.m. signal.


      The tower will be within a few hundred feet. Then go to street level if it is available (the orange person icon)

      • countess robini says:

        i can’t do complicated computer stuff but i clicked on the long address you kindly put up (in purple) and that answered the question — this is indeed the kyw newsradio in philly. the building in the pix must be out in the burbs somewhere. the architecture and building material (stone) would be consistent with an older area in the burbs. so — thank you!

        • Fred Stiening says:

          If you got frisky and have a mobile device, once you get to google maps, you should be able to ask it for turn by turn directions to the transmitter. By the time you get there, you should be able to hear the station without a radio on your metal tooth fillings 😉

          Radio antennas are often put way out in the boonies for exactly that reason – they don’t want neighbors complaining – even if the houses were built 80 years after the tower. With all of the overzealous zoning, historic preservation district and land use people justifying their existence by denying global business evolution, it is close to impossible to build a new AM radio antenna tower except in very rural areas.

          • countess robini says:

            fred: thanks for the funny answer! but i don’t have a smart phone; just a dumb one i carry for emergencies when i’m out. (and i still have a landline phone, which i use all the time.) techno stuff frustrates me endlessly, i even gave up buying blenders when they started putting too many buttons on them. but i do have a kyw newsradio question. will ask it in a separate post.

  9. countess robini says:

    fred: might come in handy at a party. thanks.

  10. Fred Stiening says:

    I spent a month in Miami one night.

    It was on one of my “getting to know America” road trips by myself. I think it was in the late 1980s, but I would have to think harder to be sure. I was still wearing hard contact lenses which after about 13 hours, you had to get them out as your eyeballs were getting oxygen deprived .

    This was before cell phones, GPS, and portable mobile devices. I was planning to stay in Naples/Fort Myers but completely underestimated how quickly motels and hotels filled up. By the time I started looking for a room, the only place in town that still had a room was Holiday Inn. I was too cheap to stay there – I think I’ve only paid to stay at a Holiday Inn one time in my life. The advice I got was that there was not going to be any place to stay there (other than the holiday inn). The sun had set, and my eyes were complaining loudly. I was told that really my only alternative was to drive to Miami across the toll road, which is what I did.

    So now I arrive at Miami, it is probably 10 PM and my contacts have been in for 16 hours. I have no alternative but to take the first thing I find. I happen to be near the Miami port, which I believe is probably a pretty rough part of Miami. So I pulled into a place with a parking deck and bulletproof glass and got a room for the night.

    Nothing memorable happened at the hotel. The next morning I checked out and decided to eat breakfast – I spotted a Burger King. I was probably in or near Little Havana, I don’t know Miami geography very well. In any case, I was immediately aware that I was the only person in the crowded place speaking English. I did get my sausage croissant but there was this inescapable sense my presence in the place was very disturbing to the people sitting there.

    The only other time I remember having a similar experience was when I stopped at a McDonald’s on Grand River Avenue inside the city of Detroit. The people must’ve figured that either I was a criminal or an undercover police officer. White people just didn’t go to that part of Detroit, and I feel certain some of those people have never actually seen a white person (the white devil) in person.

    A close runner-up was my experiment riding the public bus system in New Haven Connecticut, as an experiment. I wanted to see if I can survive without a car (this was before uber). The other passengers were very uncomfortable with my presence. There was a definite smattering of conversation speculating whether I was a policeman or undercover transit Cop, or maybe worked for ICE. New Haven is officially a sanctuary city, and I do not mean bird sanctuary. That slammed the door on any thoughts about staying in Connecticut as I grew older.

  11. Fred Stiening says:

    I should probably change the name of the blog on the 20th once the turkey has flown the coop

    Any suggestions?

    • countess robini says:

      no suggestion but love the corn starch poll. made me laugh when a saw the pix of the box at the top. (i buy that brand.) and you made it like an open book test. (i clicked on the link and am gonna try that omelette tip.) thanks for a good laugh on a cold, gray philly day when kyw is predicting snow/ice later.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Parrott enjoys creating and adding improbable answers

        • countess robini says:

          i know … and he’s very good at it.

          • TheChairman says:

            I added a choice to your parade poll as my vote. 😉

            • countess robini says:

              dear chairman: that was so sweet of you. thank you very much.

            • TheChairman says:

              Thank you Countess; but the truth is, I just couldn’t bear the thought of any of those other people appearing in ‘our’ parade.

            • countess robini says:

              oh, no — everybody, please don’t misunderstand. all i did was think up the topic (floats in the inaugural day parade.) the funny answers came out of fred’s fertile brain (and chairman’s, too.) when it comes to this stuff you guys are big leaguers. i am not. i also thought up the other topic (what trump should wear to the inaugural ball) and sent in two semi-funny answers but all the really witty stuff came from fred.

              credit where credit is due.

              just wanted to clarify that.

            • Fred Stiening says:

              It’s not about ownership, it’s about participation

            • TheChairman says:

              Countess, the topic IS the hard part. Those are two excellent poll questions! Look at the responses they’ve generated. Go easy on yourself, my remark wasn’t a critique.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            Well, now that you have one vote…

            The weekends tend to be very slow here, mirroring the Radio business in general. Nobody listens to Radio on the weekends. All of the infomercial junk was the final nail. On most stations, they carry sports on the weekends, or just run satellite or computer music.

            Kim Komando and Bill Cunningham are the only talk things that have much of an audience, at the very beginning the very end of the weekend. I know that WesternMA likes to listen to the home repair stuff. Automotive repair has virtually vanished as there really is nothing to fix anymore. The only advice they can give is make an appointment at your car dealer

            • TheChairman says:

              Years ago I listened to K. Komando, but then it became an Apple infomercial… I also tuned into Leo Laporte, but he could be a bit of a twit, and harassed women who were on his show, and even a few callers… Both shows were just background noise for me, and I would listen to hear how often they would give inappropriate or ‘brand biased’ advice.

              Car shows: I actually find listening to the old Click ‘n Clack show more useful and entertaining than anything currently on the air. Both graduated from MIT, and they gave the MIT commencement address in 1999, which is on YouTube.

              Fred, are you able to fix my spelling of ‘Marshal’ in that parade poll? It’s only supposed to have one ‘L’… my mind was on the guitar amplifier brand (Marshall).

            • Fred Stiening says:

              Excellent request. The poll belongs to Countess, so she should have the ability to edit the answer. Changing the spelling in an answer deletes the votes for the answer, and will force you to vote again. When/if she takes another step in the pool, there is secret knowledge to be passed along.

              It should be fairly obvious why a poll answer cannot be changed after someone has voted for it. When you add an answer to a poll, the poll author is not told which user suggested the answer.

            • TheChairman says:

              I guess maybe she should just leave it… seems to be the most popular choice.

        • Parrott says:

          L_O_L, I learned from Fred : )
          The polls by ‘Wotboa’ are pretty funny.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            Well played – I went to add a Parrott Sucks! answer to the Herbert Hoover question to give you experience in using that the delete capability.

            I could not add the answer because you blocked submissions of new answers! That was exactly as intended. Other than an answer that might get me in legal trouble, I will keep my hands off 😉

            There are no repercussions if you delete my silly answers 😉

            There are still a few quirky things – just holler if something breaks.

            The features that allows you to edit the poll in place is only visible if you have not voted for your own poll

            • Fred Stiening says:

              I noticed that the Chairman updated his image of cash in the poll after I had approved it. You have to watch out for these hackers – they will take advantage of any small hole they find. Next thing the poll image will suddenly change to be a picture of Hillary naked, provided by Putin

            • TheChairman says:

              Sorry, I didn’t intend to pull a bait ‘n switch with that poll. After I discovered the key to uploading, I replaced it (blog image URL) with the finalized graphic.

              Now a little PSA: if I were to host the image file, I could serve Fred a boring innocuous poll graphic, while everybody else would see the money shot… 😉

              i.e. Redefining mime-types, plus crafty server scripting can do ‘magic’… and a LOT of damage! This is why real-time virus/malware protection is advisable when surfing in unfamiliar corners of the internet. Many legitimate sites have unknowingly accepted ads or links from the ‘bad guys’, so be forewarned.

            • Fred Stiening says:

              Oh, I totally get that. This is similar to that other thread that nobody ever saw. Accepting third-party advertisements without a rigorous review process is asking for major trouble.

              Back in the FindAnISP days I did something that you will find incredibly interesting back when things were loosey and goosey. I decided to advertise on drudgereport. What happened absolutely totally floored me how they could be so stupid. I guess I have an honest face.

              I had a well oiled machine with sticky tracking to track response rates all the way from the ad to the conversion, so I can quickly tell if a potential advertisement made economic sense. This was before Google even offered their own analytics services I was more than willing to throw away a few hundred dollars on a chance but I might find a venue that worked out. Other than Google and to a lesser degree yahoo – 97.62% of the people involved in cPM were complete scams.

              I also advertised once on Kim commando’s newsletter. She has done a write up about my website on her syndicated Gannett newspaper column

              So I went ahead and contacted the people handling the advertisement for drudge and plopped some money down. I crafted a pretty mediocre advertisement with my limited artistic skills, and provided it to them. If things looked for plausible, I would go back and have a much more professional looking advertisement created. I was venturing into new territory .

              Rather than grabbing my graphic, they pointed their script on drudge’s website to my Web server. It was a very modest server and I think I have bandwith limits, but I played along. With their ad code pointing directly to my Web server, I could have put anything in place of my ad and caused significant ramifications and damage to the drudge. But I’m not a hacker from Bulgaria, so I figured I would let it run for a while to see what I could learn.

              Because this caused browsers to directly request a graphic for me, I got the IP address is of all the people who were visiting drudge. It was an extremely interesting list – not surprisingly very heavily weighted with news organizations and government agencies.

              The other thing I remembered was I was sending a ton of 302 responses. For those who are not as geeky as you and I, The response means “I’m not going to send this to you again because you already have a copy”. This was because drudge has an auto refresh, I think every three minutes, so if a computer was sitting in the news room in the middle of the night was on the drudge report waiting for a red siren. Every three minutes I was being charged for another ad exposure for computer with nobody watching the screen. That was on top of other types of caching or ad blocking – which was relatively rare that long ago. So drudge’s advertisements were close to worthless, and poorly focused – just because somebody does use drudge didn’t mean they were interested in getting better dialup Internet access. They confirmed that I was being charged by the number of times their script attempted to display my ad, not the number of times the ad was actually displayed. Since my scope was only the United States, somebody watching from the Kremlin probably did not have interest in signing up for earthlink.

              There was only one event on the radio that stimulated a huge measurable response to my website. That was when clark howard mentioned the website. There was an immediate flood of traffic but I initially had no idea what was going on – he just said the name of the website on the radio and people were typing it in by hand – so the referral logs didn’t tell me anything. Then each hour as the show was repeated on delayed broadcasts I would get another flood of traffic. Because my website was very consumer oriented, it was a very good mesh with the people who listen to his show. That hour subsequently showed up in a best of show, so months later I got another flurry of free publicity. You never know how being nice can come back to help you in unexpected ways. I used to be somebody, although almost nobody knew who

  12. Parrott says:

    well how about ‘Planet -X’ blog ?
    You know the current administration just recently released a document on what to do during the threat of a meteor impact.
    OK this is reported by Michael Snyder . He can be a bit of an alarmist, I will give you that. With all the other more important things going on, ( Like trying to take out automobile manufacturers that produce diesel cars and trucks) why waste time on a 25 page document that the White House just released, it is entitled “National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy” ?
    George Noory had some guy talking about this the other night on CMFJ. anyhoo, ‘Planet-X’ supposedly is coming up from the south, and is seen from Antarctica. This makes the pole question about which way is ‘Up’ at the south pole more relevant : )
    They said to expect more larger earthquakes, and for more volcanoes to become active.
    Could this be why Kerry visited Antarctica in November last year? (Planet X/Nibiru can be seen from Antarctica now?) Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was there to0 recently , but got sick and had to be evacuated.
    I need to get a couple shipping containers and bury them into the hillside. Make a heavy duty retreat/shelter. I’ll call that backhoe’ artist from Floyd VA. Good think I have my ‘presidential cut bacon’ : )

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Mr. Jones is really ratcheting up with the fear level that something very very bad is going to happen in the next five days. You better speed up your digging. You can probably get the bacon with next day delivery – a mere $340 for a five pack – Now that is a lot of bacon

      Remember though, but you need carbohydrates to digest protein and fat – so you better load up on some corn starch as well .

      • Parrott says:

        Yes he has. I don’t know where he has been on Vacay at , but he says he maybe at the studio on Monday.
        He came out and said false flag in five days. I went to my favorite outfitters Saturday. Not to many alex listeners there. I bought some twenty-two ammo. Everyone was in a optimistic mood and looking forward to the new President.
        I’d hate to see a false flag.
        I laugh everytime I hear that Bacon commercial these days. That is some expensive bacon

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Alex said something very ominous about a week ago – that he had a $10 million line of credit at the bank. He was saying it in a bragging way – that his operation would survive a boycott.

          Glenn Beck used to say that he would never borrow money, but his ambition exceeded his pocketbook. So now the banks own him

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Planet-X is way too specific and not many people will know what it means. Something like “Unknown Knowledge” would be more generic

  13. Fred Stiening says:

    SpaceX’s launch was successful today. It was launched from Vandenburg in California, launching 10 low earth orbit satellites for part of the Iridium communication network, which will grow to 60 from subsequent launches. The first stage nailed the landing on the second floating barge.

  14. Fred Stiening says:

    Countess did it!

    She created two polls, the first of 1000s to come.

    If she can do it, there is no reason you can’t do it too.

  15. Fred Stiening says:

    I have been accused of being a really random person.

    I totally own that.

    Hmmm… totally random might be a good blog name

    • countess robini says:

      fred: you’re putting up exquisite pix at the tops of the pages. the one of the man walking down a shaded path under a canopy of trees is so evocative. france? belgium?

      • countess robini says:

        dear everybody: after i put up that last comment i thought to myself, “evocative of what?” then i thought of the note jaymar wrote a few days ago about neil postman’s book, “amusing ourselves to death.” (i read it, too, a million years ago.) that beautiful photo is evocative of a time when people weren’t afraid to walk alone on a path under a canopy of trees; evocative of a place where people weren’t afraid to walk alone on a path under a canopy of trees. that’s why postman (and orwell and huxley) were so concerned about a civilization filled with people who are incapable of being alone, people who crave endless amusement. being part of an easily-amused herd can morph into being part of an easily-amused mob.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Actually that was an accident. That was a random picture from the set of default headers. For now, I said the header to the picture of the sun. It is up to you whether the sun is rising, setting, or both. I was getting a little bored by the pictures of derelict radio stations

  16. Fred Stiening says:

    Another blog name candidate

    • TheChairman says:

      So my future car will be my drug courier, pimp out my gals, pick them up, and be an error free getaway car when ‘my bots’ hit the local bank? YES!!

      Below is another article, which I found from your link above. The crux is, they placed the most pertinent issues near the end… seemingly to hide the reality.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Banks are so 20th century. The only bots that will be robbing banks are ones on the Internet. Now that the Bank of America allows depositing paper checks using the camera on my ipad, I am hard-pressed to think of a reason I would ever go to the bank. It is just a matter of time until we follow the lead of India and eliminate all Currency larger than a $10 bill. That would crush the transfer of money to Mexico from illegal workers inside the United States. If I trusted fast food restaurants with my debit card, I won’t be using cash for anything. I would be there right now if the cost of reloadable debit cards were not so steep.

        • TheChairman says:

          Fish see the bait, not the hook. Negative interest rates are another tool. In fact, the number of FRN’s in circulation has doubled since 2002… the CIA uses a lot of cold cash.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            I believe it was Chuck Harder who explained that the “black ops budget” was funded by the federal reserve sending truckloads of cash over to the agencies. Goldman Sachs is also involved.

            Auditing the currency in circulation should catch that. While currency wears out, The Federal Reserve should be able to prove all of the groups of valid serial numbers, and Any not in their list were not authorized and should be treated as counterfeit. We might even catch some drug smugglers by doing that.

            There are warehouses full of $100 bills in Mexico. We just figured out how Trump will pay for the wall

  17. Fred Stiening says:

    Wringling Brothers is bringing down the final tent. Animal rights activists are thrilled, and now the elephants can be killed and put out of their misery.

    Sea world has also ended their killer whale performance, and will succumb to the same fate. Nobody wants to pay $80 to go to sea world to see the penguins .

    • Parrott says:

      well I am glad I got pics of the Red and Blue circus trains as the rolled through Virginia. It was always cool to see the Giraffes looking out the sunroofs on their coaches.
      They have extensive shops in Florida to rebuild and fix those circus train cars.
      I read that they bill the circus employees for food and lodging in their coaches on the train as they travel. some said they would end up owning the company money at the end of the month.

  18. Parrott says:

    Alex is going to the inauguration and wants all patriots to show up as well.
    Yeah I don’t know, but I am leaning towards avoiding that cluster( beep) going on in DC.
    DC is like a foreign country

    • Fred Stiening says:

      If Donald Trump really wanted to change DC and drain the swamp he would work to repeal the ban on buildings higher than nine stories. Democrats have a 12:1 advantage in the district in no small part due to the extensive public housing projects in the south East side. If you look at the history, DC was supposed to be square, but the southwest portion across the Potomac River was cut loose and made part of Virginia.

      The restrictive building limit makes living inside of the district way more expensive than it needs to be. If there were 20 Trump towers built, there is some hope of establishing a more diverse population. The reason this is important is that the district has a special federal court and appeals court that hears cases related to issues internal to the federal government and crimes committed by employees of the federal government working in the district. Because the district is so heavily Democratic, getting justice in the courts or an objective determination about laws is pretty much impossible. I believe that is why it was determined that it was pointless to try to prosecute Hillary, even if they wanted to

  19. Fred Stiening says:

    1960 era skyscraper in Tehran collapses, killing 50. Apparently steel can melt in a fire

  20. Fred Stiening says:

    Is zero singular or plural and why?

    Zero days or zero day?

    • countess robini says:

      lost my AP Stylebook in the most recent move. that is EXACTLY the kind of question editors at AP fight about for years. but, because they are professionals, they draw the line at food fights in the cafeteria.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        I knew you would enjoy that.

        The English language inherited a lot of quirks being a sponge of other languages. One of my observations when I was studing Spanish in high school was noticing that October / November / December looked a lot like 8/9/10, not 10/11/12, which led to my poll question “Why is January 1st the first day of the year?”. It is followed up by “How long is a day on the Sun?”

        They might look like crazy questions, but have the possibility of opening up people’s minds to think about things in different ways. Everyone needs a mission in life 😉

        97.62% of all computer errors are caused by confusion over whether the “first” number is zero or one. Since the romans did not have a zero, they knew the answer. Nothing does not exist. It is neither singular nor plural

  21. countess robini says:

    my reporter’s gut was screaming. “plural” but i wasn’t absolutely sure. so i asked the google machine. it’s plural.

    still got a few brain cells snapping … but i seem to have misplaced the take-out menu for my favorite vietnamese restaurant. odd.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I agree, but it leaves the why part.

      Can you have a negative number of days? Would it be -1 day or -1 days?

      One of the problems in universities is people don’t talk outside of their discipline. The above is a math question wrapped inside a linguistic pretzel.

      Mmmm…. donuts

      Back to our regular prigramming

      • TheChairman says:

        Plural if you’re counting, singular if referring to a specific date.

        Today is zero day for Obama, zero days left with president zero.

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Why isn’t the first day of the month day zero?

          Is the first hour of the day the 12th hour or the zero hour?

          Why does the PM start during the 12 hour, which really is the 13th hour? Does “meet me at 12:00” mean we should meet at noon or midnight?

          These are the profound questions We computer nerds have to deal with on a regular basis

          When counting… 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc…. is the number after 100 the 101st or the 101th? Would your answer change if humans had 12 fingers? Or Mickey Mouse invented math, with only 4 fingers per hand? Do mice have hands? Do humans have 4 fingers per hand or five? Enjoying the roller coaster ride yet? Dark tunnel ahead!

          • Fred Stiening says:

            During your first year of life are you zero year old? Does life actually begin at your 1st birthday? Which is your first birthday – the day you were born or a year later?

            It is questions like this that we humans must use to defeat the future armies of bots. They will be helpless

  22. countess robini says:

    oh … just noticed you have changed the watch-a-ma-callit at the top of the page. very lyrical.

    and by the way — the sun is STILL both rising and setting.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      It’s the circle of life

      One of my many talents is I can make up sayings that sound like they mean something profound, but don’t necessarily mean anything at all. I figured I was inspired by some other literary reference in the back of my mind rather than a stray subatomic paricle tricking a synapse, but a quick Google search suggests it is a pretty original thought 😉 What it actually means is left up to the reader to decide. I should probably trademark it. It would make a good country music song.

  23. Fred Stiening says:

    OK, put your hands up in the air and take a deep cleansing breath. We have business to do 😉

  24. countess robini says:

    fred: help,please! i can’t get the comment for chairman in the right place. sorry, everybody. i’m still learning how to do this.

  25. Parrott says:

    I wonder if ‘Art Stone’ bought that $435 million powerball ticket?

    If I had, I would probably buy me a couple SD40-2’s , rebuild them ( To original condition) not that EPA Tier 3 Bull Sh#t compliance and also some abandoned track somewhere.


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