Post Valentine day afterglow

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  1. briand75 says:

    Egads! Geese.

    The Canuckians should keep their geese up there where they belong 🙂

  2. Parrott says:

    Intriguing yet tranquil.

    Hey today is ‘ Illegal aliens not at work day ‘. That what Chris is talking about.
    A day with out immigrants, OK whatever. I am off monday ‘Presidents day’
    so I am looking forward to that .

    Then tomorrow Friday is the general strike FEB 17. by the socialist against the Trump. Dipshits.
    I saw where the Union thugs decided to show up at the Oroville dam to run off non-union workers that were dumping rock and shoring up the dam. Yeah, run them off, let the dam collapse. Fools

    Hey Pedro, party time is over ! You are working for Joe the plumber now!

  3. countess robini says:

    canadian geese mate for life. many more v-days to come for all in the pix above. i love happy endings.

  4. Parrott says:

    I listen to CMFJ a lot. Does that help?

  5. Detroit, Windsor’s Neighbor to the North!

      • countess robini says:

        dear fred: i did my senior year of college at the university of windsor (when joyce carol oates was writer-in-residence.) can you put up a pix of windsor, near the university? i was there in the early 1970s and have memories of canadians being endlessly kind to a clueless kid from jersey.

        btw, i was there legally, on a student visa. i carried it in my purse and can remember showing it whenever i crossed back from detroit into windsor. i was prohibited from working so i didn’t. (i’d always worked my first three years of college, when i was in chicago.) i was a guest in canada and i followed all the rules very carefully.

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