Muhammad Ali Jr

The bait

The reality

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  1. briand75 says:

    Talk about “fake news” – this is probably an excellent example of how the mostly-worthless media twists and distorts facts until they are absolute lies – BUT – they fit the agenda which is all important.

    And Hollywood can’t see it. Oh, I forgot to watch the Oscars (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The winner was moonlight, a semibiographical film about a black man growing up in Miami who eventually comes to understand he is homosexual.

      Its budget was $5 million and the opening weekend, it opened in 4 theaters and grossed $400k, which is quite a feat – that meant $100,000 per theater. Few theaters even have 10,000 seats. The figure is obviously a lie.

      Price WaterHouse screwed up the envelopes and Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope and announced la la land as the winner. Lala land has grossed $360 milion, 2/3 of it outside of the United States.

      Lala land grossed $24 million in China

      The people in Hollywood have lost their brains.

      • countess robini says:

        dear fred: read “sleepless in hollywood” last year. written by longtime successful movie producer (mostly romcoms.) she says collapse of dvd business circa 2005 forced the movie studios to look around for other sources of income.

        they settled on trying to pump up income from foreign distribution of their movies. at time of dvd collapse, she says foreign rights brought in about 20 percent of income. by the time she wrote the book (2012?) it was about 70 percent and rising. “will it play in peoria?” rapidly losing ground to “will it play in peking?:

        she predicted many fewer comedies and lots more cartoon superhero spinoffs, sequels/prequels and remakes. bummed out that so many classics of yesteryear could never be made today.

        said many of the top-notch creative types were moving to tv productions. (in the end, she did, too.) tighter budgets, faster pace of production but worth the trade-off for people who want to write/produce/direct stuff for audiences who still have a few brain synapses firing.

        la times has section called “company town.” they do a decent job of covering the corporate machinations of hollywood, including how the chinese are moving in big-time ( buying up theater chains.)

        CURIOUS: did any of you see one or more of the “best picture” nominees for this year? (i didn’t.)

        i do netflix (not that streaming thing — felix the mailman brings them to me.) i get mostly indie stuff, foreign films, classics, documentaries and cable tv series once they are released to dvd.

        GREAT FIND: a german actor named heino ferch. saw him first in a german tv movie called the “the tunnel.” also discovered an israeli mini-series called “prisoners of war.” was the basis (sort of) for “homeland.” a sensation in israel when the first season aired,

        • Fred Stiening says:

          This might seem odd, but this is on my bucket list – a 96 minute movie shot in one long shot with 2000 actors and no second chances. I have a peculiar taste in movies

          • countess robini says:

            I WATCHED THIS MOVIE ABOUT SIX MONTHS AGO! got it from netflix. famous russian director.

            have had a thing for russian movies since i saw “battleship potemkin” at the northwestern university film society showing while in college in chicago. sergei eisenstein one of the great directors of silent films, commie or not. most famous scene is a baby carriage bouncing down long flight of outdoor steps. they still study it in film schools.

            i watched “russian ark” and was mesmerized. then i gobbled up all the bonus features (i am a sucker for bonus features) and learned that the director had convinced the top brass of the hermitage (famous russian museum) to close the place for ONE night and let him film inside. he pulled it off and created a masterpiece of cinema. (almost as riveting as when president harrison ford figures out how to use the fax machine in “air force one.” )

            fred: how did you find out about this movie? did an ad for it pop up on youtube while you were watching videos of train crashes? or trying to find that dino park place we all like?

            • Fred Stiening says:

              At the time they made the movie, there was mention of it in the geeky technical stuff I read. It is encouraging that geeks and countesses can enjoy the same things, even if for different reasons.

        • Fred Stiening says:

          With all the exposure American culture is getting around the world, we should be able to leverage that into getting the best and the brightest to immigrate here and want citizenship, not just a green card.

          Trump suggested last night that we restructure the immigration policy based on merit. Other than a ban on Chinese, there were no limits on immigration prior to Woodrow Wilson.

          The Democratic Party and the AFL wanted to exclude people coming to America to escape World War One – specifically to exclude European Jews and Eastern Europeans. When the Russian Revolution happened, the Democrats forced the immigration limits by national origin law into effect over Wilson’s veto

          • countess robini says:

            thank heavens grandmama was able to escape to paris just in the knick of time and make contact with old friends through the white russian gazette. (jewels arrived later, hand-delivered by her ever-resourceful french maid who had secreted them in the false bottom of a battered old trunk.)

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Part Two

    Democrats hold a “hearing” on the first incident, then Ali, his attorney, Debbie Wasserman Shultz and the NY Times try to provoke an incident. Ali, who is a resident of Florida tried to board with an Illinois diver’s license, which was rejected. When you move to a new state, you are required to get a new driver’s license, and your old one becomes invalid even if you still possess it. When he presented a passport, he was immediately cleared for checkin.

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