So you want to be a railroad engineer?

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  1. Parrott says:

    >”So you want to be a railroad engineer?”<

    well you knew I was going to click on this ! Hell yeah, I would almost give my left ( beep) to be railroad engineer. I applied back in the day to the Company that has the 'horse' for their company's icon. Everytime I went through the process I got shifted to the signal maintainer dept. Third time I went ahead and accepted it, thought I could move over to 'runtime' but I got distracted and left when the downsized and went with contractors. I wasn't married yet and I wanted the summer off. I saved someone that needed the job more than me. It was ok, I went to defense contractor and went back to skool : ) Then met my wifee. So it worked out. I still take train pics and the circus train , ( Last spring for it)

    Fred there is a video on youtube that is a passenger run in Norway , on a EMD locomotive. Its like the internals of a GP40-2 or SD40-2 they use here, they use them for passenger. Very reliable locomotive. Its a 8 hour+ video and I watched it , the spring and winter versions. Lots of snow and remote wilderness. It is a good run, 1080 HD. they do train meets, stop for passengers at the stations. its a good video. I wish they did sound of the EMD diesel, that would have been better. They country of Norway is beautiful.
    Let me know if you cant find it and I will post it here .
    This is a good vid of the crash. The Oil can train couldn't do anything, Killer.
    They don't like showing camera vids from the locomotive cab here in the U.S .
    there is a few bootleg ones of a Canadian National engineer that has posted, but he don't work their anymore.
    this is a excellent topic, I loved playing Railroad Tycoon Platinum ! They don't make it anymore.
    They do have a few Locomotive simulators, supposedly the newest ones are pretty good.
    I do volunteer at a local RR group to help them monthly. Its good.

    thanks Fred !

  2. countess robini says:

    looks ethereal. email to coast-to-coast research department for further study?

    btw, what’s behind the door?

  3. countess robini says:

    very creative ending. methinks frank stockton would approve.

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