Sex, Drugs and Wall Street Banks

Young men working at “Wall Street Banks” use drugs and pay for sex, according to Barron’s.

Barron’s story

I’m shocked!

The story only quotes a single source, a therapist looking to recruit patients. Since the NYSE has moved to Atlanta and the investment banks long ago left Wall Street, I can’t understand this story

Largest Investment banks

1 – JPMorgan Chase – 270 Park Avenue, Midtown NYC
2 – Goldman Sachs – 200 West Street, Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan
3 – Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Charlotte North Carolina
4 – Morgan Stanley – 1585 Broadway, Midtown NYC
5 – Citigroup – 388 Greenwich St (Tribeca)
6 – Barclays Investment Bank – London England
7 – Credit Suisse – Zürich Switzerland
8 – Deutsche Bank – Frankfurt Germany
9 – Wells Fargo Securities – San Francisco, CA
10 – RBC Capital Markets – Montreal Canada

Makes it pretty clear why “Occupy Wall Street” didn’t succeed

The only banks still on Wall Street are small foreign banks that don’t know any better.

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