The Legacy of Linus Pauling

The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements

“What few people realize, however, is that their fascination with vitamins can be traced back to one man. A man who was so spectacularly right that he won two Nobel Prizes and so spectacularly wrong that he was arguably the world’s greatest quack.”

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4 Responses to The Legacy of Linus Pauling

  1. briand75 says:

    Interesting indeed. I am a vitamin fascination person. I have been since the 80’s. Based on what I read, I would do myself a service to stop the vitamin supplements altogether. I am curious what anyone else’s reaction is?

    • countess robini says:

      dear brian: i’m wondering why i am taking 1,000 mgs of vitamin c (powdered, in water) a day.

      on the other hand: my gp (integrative doc, decades of experience with complementary med) discovered a few years i had great cholesterol readings but elevated homocysteine. told me to take b vitamin to lower it. worked like a charm. no script, low cost. i use a liquid b complex (sublingual — easier on the stomach than pills) that i get mail order from vitamin world.

  2. Parrott says:

    Awesome Countess ! I do too, the ‘C’ that is. I take vitamin D also , a lot ! But I also take vitamin K, so I can absorb the D supposedly. My regular doc started me on the ‘D’ and the fish oil back about 12 years ago. Prescription fish oil from ‘Catalent’ big pharma company in St.Pete FL. The last insurance I had wouldn’t buy it anymore and made me get generic from Teva.
    I don’t eat sugar, so that my liver can filter cholesterol. I am not allowed bread, unless its real sourdough, once a month : )
    Bread = sugar so I can’t have bread . I don’t eat meat and that makes it tough. I can eat eggs, and cheese but cheese has fat and I can only have it once a week. Can’t have pasta. When I was in the Keys, we did a tour boat one evening and I had a block of cheese as big as a car battery,
    I do eat fish since Jesus did feed fish, and we love wine with dinner. Went vegetarian way back in 2003, gave it up for lent and never went back. But I am not a vegetarian nazi, my parents still have turkey for thanksgiving, and I sure miss those turkey sandwiches the day after thanksgiving, with mayo and salt & pepper and really fresh bread. I hate seeing those cattle trucks and turkey /chiken haulers on the interstate, so we gave it up for good.
    I am allowed chocolate, once a week.
    I guess my vitamin consultant is Ted Broer on The Ted & Austin Broer show 3pm-4pm monday -friday on Global Star Net 3. Repeat at 10pm monday through friday on Global star after Hagmann. I usually catch the 10 pm cause my nieces get out of school at 3:15 and its chaos as they tell me what they did at school, so I miss a lot of the 3pm show.
    I take magnesium, flaxseed oil, milk thistle and ginger root. CoQ10 or what ever its called. Oh I almost forgot, Turmeric. If your knees hurt take vitamin D. Its wonder drug to help your knees on steps in the mornings. It seems to help you rjoints and you can tell a difference , I take about 5 or 6K IU a day of vitamin D3 , every day, and a small amount of K.
    Yeah Brian , I guess we have been on the vitamin train since about 2000, when ol’ doc vest told me to lower my cholesterol or he would put me on Crestor. He tried it on me and it made my liver numbers go berserk, so I hold the line on cholesterol with my vitamins and supplements and no sugar. It’s tough. I miss Tudors Biscuit World, and Biscuitville biscuits. ( for sure)

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Uses of hydrogen peroxide is a perennial favorite topic on the internet.

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