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  1. Progressive talk KPHX-AM in Phoenix AZ has ceased broadcasting. It was unable to adjust to the shutdown of a satellite on June 30th and repoint their antenna dish.

  2. How appropriate that July was ‘Sunshine’, now that North Korea can hit toss at us,
    a little ‘canned sunshine’ .
    Thank you Bill Clinton & previous Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson,
    well done. ( We maybe)

  3. Interesting live streaming tidbits, GSN Global Star Radio network, has dropped an hour of Alex Jones, from 2pm -3pm . They use to have all three hours of Jone’s infomercial.
    They added another version of the Doug & Joe Hagmann show, in the afternoon.
    Their main show which airs Monday -Friday live from 7pm -10pm has sometimes multiple guest.
    This new show is called ‘The Hagmann show’, which I think is going to be run by Joe Hagmann from 2-3pm monday through Friday for an hour right before the Dr. Ted Broer show ( which is pretty good) .
    Alex has been weak since he was in court for child custody, and on vacay every other week. He may have lost the ‘handle’. Looks like Global Star Five still has 3 hours of Jones.
    John Galt FLA says Jones is not real, and he has been annoying this whole summer.
    GSN also is picking up a new early morning show by Doug Hagmann at 9am. Its listed as a M-F show 9 -10 am. It will be good to listen to while Chris Plante is on Vacay.

    In case you guys wanted to listen to something other than commercials, the Hagmanns put in a good 56-57 minutes.

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