Nancy Gibbs, Managing Editor of Time Magazine, was one of the speakers at the Chautauqua Week 8, themed on journalistic ethics in the digital ago.


There were several things about the Chautauqua presentations that disappointed us. The presentations were generally preceded with an announcement that the speaker would be available after their speech, but only to sell copies of their books.

In the case of Ms Gibbs, she didn’t do a presentation at all – she just sat down on stage with her close personal friend David Von Drehle, who is a former editor-in-large at Time. He now is a columnist for the Washington Post.

She spent 45 minutes on the subject of “fake journalism”, which was mostly a diatribe against Donald Trump.

She has just resigned her job at Time.

Business Wire: Nancy Gibbs Steps Down as Editor-in-Chief of TIME

She has a history with Chautauqua not mentioned in her bio

This image is from a book titled “Chautauqua’s Hostess: Winnie of the Wensley House“. Winnie Lewellen was the hostess for 30 years at the Wensley House, where many influential people stayed over the years.

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5 Responses to Fakeness

  1. briand75 says:

    I wonder if there is a medical condition in the brain that leads to liberalism/progressivism?

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    In the news about a week ago was an item about someone from the UK that trained a computer by studying facial pictures. The first story said that if you present it with a facial picture, it will tell you whether the person is likely a heterosexual or homosexual. About a week later, another news story where it was trained to tell from a face whether someone was a conservative or a liberal.

    It reminded me of our old friend Adolf and how he had issued guides to spot certain categories, or how our present day drug warriors have guides to spot “pushers”.

    I am not so good at those things, but am pretty good at spotting Asians, white people and black people. I can also tell whether someone is tall or short. 😉

    No doubt there are genetic components to which categories people fall. Lots of research show that certain genes make people more or less subject to substance addiction.

    The science behind it was totally taboo after Adolf because of how he used it. That generation that was alive then has left us and so the taboo is wearing off. Like any knowledge, it can be used for good just as it can be used for evil.

    • TheChairman says:

      The irony of the facial recognition (AI) software is that it essentially does what liberals say nobody should do… stereotyping based on appearance or behavior. Moreover, it implies the people coding the software had to code ‘stereotypes’. Yet, the (likely) liberal writer enthusiastically advocated this new technology.

      And yes CC, this is right out of the eugenics play book of several people… I believe there was an Englishman who assessed intelligence by head shape.

      So, will the youngsters of this brave new world be relegated to their roles and position in life based on an AI algorithm encoded by a few techno-fascists?

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        I think most people, liberal, conservative and libertarian are against stereotyping based on appearance. The idea is that we can’t control our appearance. Most also wanted to hold people accountable for their behavior.

        The newest science blurs the lines. Identical twins separated at birth, raised by different families, sometimes in different countries with weigh approximately the same, ie if one is obese, it is almost a certainty that the other is obese. If one has an addiction problem, the other has a much higher than average chance to have an addiction problem.

        Crime prevention is all about crime prediction. If you commit a crime, you are more likely to commit another, so society isolates you. If you are a habitual criminal, you get stiffer sentences. In recent years, sex offenders are tracked and restricted for life because of the believe that they have a very high rate of repeat offenses.

        Where will it stop? We already have an anti-violence group, Antifta, that claims they must initiate use violence to prevent others from initiating violence.

        The world has become a much more fluid place since QE (quantitative easing). Remember that QE did not create wealth, it merely redistributed it… from the have-nots to the haves.)

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Today’s NY Times has the details and included this photo:

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