6 thoughts on “Russian Collusion

  1. briand75 says:

    Privyet! This looks quite interesting – I am not sure what it all is though? Any reviews?

    • Fred Stiening says: Post Author

      She explains in the video – she and a man are eating together at the mall… the scoops are chicken salad, crab salad, and cheese served on a large baked potato cut in half

    • TheChairman says:

      Yes, looks delicious and probably much more ‘organic’ than what we get here.

      • Fred Stiening says: Post Author

        The collusion in the subject is the KFC and Burger King in the food court

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I’ll sign for you. I am not a big fan of censorship. I say enough stupid things off the air and can’t imagine how many I would say if I had to talk and talk and talk to try to say things that captured and held people’s attention for hours at a time. Let the show go on if people are listening.

    BTW – We may be seeing a turning point in ever climbing cable bills. Verizon is holding firm and refusing to pay for free content that anyone can can get over the web. I am a Verizon customer and contacted them telling them they should demand a transportation or delivery charge for delivering the free (advertizer supported) content.

  3. Parrott says:

    Nora O’Donnell trying to continue the ‘russian collusion’ crap w/trump campaign connection this morning on CBS mornin’ by interviewing weenee reporter @ ‘wapo’.
    No mention of clintons Uranium one. Herr Mueller is such a waste of money.

    On the positive side, Dr. Sebastian Gorka guest host with minion ‘vince’ on WMAL this morning. He seems to be a pretty smart guy.


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