Is JP Morgan Chase preparing for economic collapse?

This may be a first – American Banker magazine refuting a story being spread by Alex Jones ( and Zero Hedge

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  1. Parrott says:

    Possibly. I was listening to the ‘Hawk’ last night, ‘Chiner’ is getting ready to dump or spend them funny money dollars we have been sending them. They gave 22% of the worlds manufacturing, so the next step is make the ‘ yawn'(sp) the new world currency.
    Remember U.S came to be a ‘Big boy’ after WW I in manufacturing. I’d say ‘Chiner’ is every bit there and then some. (Their environmental laws are like 1918)
    But when they get tired of us jerking them around. Obo declares martial law, well if you house no payed for, the mortgage is probably help in a chinese bank.
    So Martial law for any reason, you no workee, make no payment, Chiner bank now on your front door step. Knock Knock Knock: you answer,,, Yes ?
    “You make payment ’round-eye’ !
    “I’m sorry , I was laid off because martial law.”
    “No excuse round-eye. We take house Now! You GTF out !”

    Hawk says it’s on the way. Have a backup location and plenty of Goody’s, headache powder boys & girls.

    • Art Stone says:

      Chase’s change (which is true) is that for the lowest tier business class account, they won’t be able to send international wire transfers or run more than $50k per month of cash through the account. It’s a step to prevent money laundering and other criminal activity. A business can still do the above, they just need a banker assigned to them as part of “know your customer” mandated by the government.

      • foyle says:

        After the Gov let Wachovia (and other banks) get away with billions in money laundering for drug cartels and letting them off the hook for paltry fines (no arrests or prosecutions were ever made), I kind of doubt their seriousness about “cracking down” on money laundering. Maybe Chase is just putting the smaller drug runners out of business so the more profitable big boys can run everything?

        Link re: Wachovia

        • Nidster says:

          Good analysis, foyle it makes a whole lot of common sense. So, the TBTF banksters are all running the little banks out of business.

          Sidebar: Open a bank account in a foreign country and you are in the cross hairs of the IRS. And, why do foreign banks need to hire a lawyer to protect themselves from the IRS?

    • Art Stone says:

      John Batchelor was talking last night about a proposed 600 mile canal to divert water from the Congo River to feed it into the White Nile to send water to Egypt which is going to lose control of the flow from the Blue Nile as hydro dams are built upstream.

      China is busy colonizing Africa. I don’t have the sense that China will be intimidated by racial guilt as they pick up where Europeans left off in the 1960s

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      that’s yuan aka remembi

      remember, no tickey, no washee

  2. Nidster says:

    If anyone is still being abused by the notion that your government is out to protect you, or that da ObamaNation is interested in whistleblowers coming forward to alert everyone of the massive frauds taking place, then perhaps this video interview with Mark Novitsky will open a few eyes, oh, this has nothing really to do with Snowden despite the url.

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