Charlotte: City Council faces voter backlash if city doesn’t protect illegals

News stories in the Charlotte Observer rarely get more than 2 or 3 comments. This story borders on the bizarre. I hope it signals either the death of the Observer or a wakeup call to the McClatchy chain to the New Normal in the United States. The deplorables are steering the ship now.

Non-citizens can’t vote – how can they cause a voter backlash? Vote multiple times illegally? The people who support sanctuary cities vote for the Democrats on the council. Is the backlash that responsible God fearing black people are ready to leave the Democratic plantation?

The number of comments is up into the hundreds – as far as I know, the story was not linked to from Drudge.

Yesterday, the Charlotte Business Journal reported that the housing stock in Charlotte is getting scarce, with the few houses that come on the market selling for 96% of the asking price, and sellers getting multiple offers to choose from. All the leaders of the HB2 boycott proved was that they did not understand the City of Charlotte or the State of North Carolina.

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Pokémon are in love

I need to get outside this weekend and figure out why the Pokémon go plus isn’t vibrating. Carrying your baby on the outside seems so much more practical.

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Meet Charlotte’s new city council woman

One of the Democrats on the council won his election, so she is his replacement

Not shockingly, the Observer reporter is working on their own anti-Trump narrative. Most people in India speak English, although not as their first language. The story doesn’t address if she was a legal immigrant.

I would not be surprised if she sides with two Republicans on some issues

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Big Agenda by David Horowitz

President Trump’s plan to save America

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Introducing Shannon Joy

On September 9th, 2016, radio host Bill Nojay called 911 to be sure that a police officer would respond and witness his suicide. He was due to report to Federal Court to face charges of fraud on his management of a trust fund

His replacement is a woman named Shannon Joy. She describes herself as

Shannon is a Rochester native and conservative talk radio host. She spent 10 years as a marketing and advertising executive in Rochester, NY helping hundreds of clients create unique and compelling messages on Radio, Television and Billboards.

Talk radio desperately needs a new generation of talk show hosts when the dinosaurs cannot advance the ball any longer. Conservative women particularly are coming out of the shadows.

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Hunting for dinosaurs

The ongoing search for the dinosaurs is zeroing in on Louisburg North Carolina.

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Radio Tidbits – February 2017

Post news items about the radio biz here

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“Reporter” records Republicans in private meeting

This story is a little convoluted, but a woman claiming to be a journalist snuck into a private meeting with Mike Pence and other Trump advisors by slipping past security, recorded the conversation and released it to a number of media outlets.

Anyone remember Newt Gingrich having a private phone call recorded while in a car in Atlanta and the illegally obtained “fruit of the poison tree” audio used by newspapers and opponents of Newt to eventually push him out as speaker?

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Totally Random – February 2017

Nothing is off topic

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Donald Trump – February 2017

Donald J Trump is in control

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