Anthem backs Obamacare reform

Boston Herald

Anthem provides Blue Cross / Blue Shield nationally for employers with employees scattered all over the country. Their main customer is the United States government – which gave the Obama administration substantial leverage to blackmail Anthem. The Affordable Care Act required the Medicare / Medicaid operation within HHS to sign up at least two multistate health insurers to offer insurance in states which chose not to set up an exchange. It was down to the evening of the final day before Anthem agreed to sign the contract. Anthem provides insurance in states or areas where there is not an existing Blue Cross affiliate.

The notion of expanded multi-state health insurance operations in what has been regulated by state insurance commissions has to be attractive to Anthem. It comes with complications, which are that the cost controls in health insurance are gained by herding physicians into group practices with prenegotiated prices and discounts.

Organizing that on a national basis is a huge job and might draw an anti trust action if Anthem were too heavy handed – however in the end, health insurance is a “cost plus” business. When they pay a claim, it is not coming out of profits, it is just building the case for higher insurance premiums next year. Blue Cross and Shield were created to maximize profits for hospitals and doctors, after all. It largely solved the issue of patients who refused or were unable to pay by forcing them to prepay ahead of time. This was especially helpful when the patient died and the family refused to pay.

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Trolling the Amazon Book Store

A truly phenomenal book has reached #1 on the Amazon best seller list. The book is titled Reasons to vote for Democrats By Michael J Knowles. The jacket includes an endorsement by radio talk show host Ben Shapiro.

The book is exceptional in many ways. I can truly say the book does not contain a single word I disagree with. The book has already amassed over 1,500 reviews with an average of 4 1/2 stars

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US military sends B52s to Korea, troops to fight ISIS

Hold on tight

B1, B52s to South Korea

82nd airborne “boots on the ground” in Kuwait

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Sales down at Starbucks

Perhaps customers didn’t like the idea that their barista would be replaced by an immigrant who can’t speak English. In Response, Starbuck’s is bringing out a special spring edition coffee cup.

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“It’s Terrible”

“Concrete” business owner who has been in the country illegally for 8 years fighting deportation and running a business for two years has been taken into custody by ICE and is headed back to Mexico. The story doesn’t mention how many employees the business has or how an illegal alien is able to pay taxes on his business or get the necessary licenses and insurance.

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Do you watch Fox News for women with long legs in short skirts?

Not to mention the blond hair and cosmetic surgery…

The twitter comments show how the public having the ability to provide pushback is a good thing.

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Bloomberg warming up to Trump

It’s time to play “let’s make a deal”!

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Crazy Russians

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Show Biz

Trump kept his beautiful hair

Remember that Linda McMahon, Vince’s wife now runs the Small Business Administration for Trump.

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Dumping slag

This is a followon post to the explanation of how steel is made and why the steel industry is not going to return to Pittsburgh.

Once iron ore is melted, the impurities float to the top. Typically silicone dioxide or calcium oxide are added to speed up the removal of the oxygen, converting iron oxide into pure iron and binding with phosphorus and sulfur

So what do you do with this molten waste that is a mix of silicon, calcium, magnesium and aluminum? You dump it in a field called a slag heap.

So what do you do with a slag heap after you have been dumping slag for 100 years and the steel mills close? After slag cools, it is roughly the consistency of hardened concrete. You cover it with asphalt and build a shopping center on top, or you put down some topsoil and build luxury condominiums.

The slag industry has a trade association

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