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Streaming Radio Guide
Parties to FCC application # 1214956
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Party IDRolePartyCompany
313500Applicant St. Paul Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.
4627 North 23rd Street
Arlington, VA 22207 Search
Email: tro@gg-law.com
Phone: (703) 351-1160 Search
256587Contact Representative Timothy R. Obitts
Gammon & Grange, P.c.
Email: tro@gg-law.com
Phone: (703) 761-5000 Search
313501Application Certifier 10/19/2007Timothy R. Obitts
President/director    Search
308483Certifying Engineer 10/18/2007Victor A. Michael, Jr.
Technical Consultant    Search
87 Jasper Lake Road
Loveland, CO 80537 Search
Email: vicmichael@aol.com
Phone: (970) 669-9200 Search