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"I keep thinking that insanity is a state where a person can't tell what's real. Well, what's real now is insane - and if I accepted it as real, I'd have to lose my mind, wouldn't I?" Eddie Willers ?
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Parties to FCC application # 1823530
KFMK-FM (Round Rock, Texas)
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353504Applicant Crista Ministries
19303 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98133 Search
Phone: (206) 546-7376 Search
660508Contact Representative Stephen T. Lovelady, Esq.
Fletcher Heald And Hildreth P.l.c.
1300 North 17th Street
SUITE 1100
Arlington, VA 22209 Search
Email: lovelady@fhhlaw.com
Phone: (703) 812-0517 Search
289259Application Certifier 11/18/2020Stephen T. Lovelady, Esq.
Attorney For Crista Ministries    Search