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In the worker's paradise of Cuba, in 2004, 54% of all pregnancies resulted in an abortion. ?
Streaming Radio Guide
Parties to FCC application # 1825336
KXET-AM (Mount Angel, Oregon)
Party IDRolePartyCompany
475228Applicant Bustos Media Holdings, LLC
Bustos Media Holdings, LLC
5110 S. E. Stark Street
Portland, OR 97215 Search
Email: abustos@bustosmedia.com
Phone: (503) 233-5280 Search
391292Contact Representative Dennis J. Kelly
Law Office Of Dennis J. Kelly
Post Office Box 41177
Washington, DC 20018 0577 Search
Email: dkellyfcclaw1@comcast.net
Phone: (202) 293-2300 Search
94126Application Certifier 03/19/2021Amador S. Bustos
President/manager    Search