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Streaming Radio Guide
Parties to FCC application # 2020296
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Party IDRolePartyCompany
622338Applicant Ramar Communications, Inc.
PO Box: 37579800 University Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79423 Search
Email: bmoran@ramarcom.com
Phone: (806) 748-9300 Search
623172Contact Representative Dennis P. Corbett
Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC
1025 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 1011
Washington, DC 20036 Search
Email: dcorbett@telecomlawpros.com
Phone: (202) 789-3115 Search
458918Application Certifier 03/05/2019Brad Moran
President    Search
623171Certifying Engineer Winn Boedeker
Ramar Communications, Inc.
PO Box 3757
Lubbock, TX 79423 Search
Email: wboedeker@ramarcom.com
Phone: (806) 748-2402 Search