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In 2010, the BBC lost government funding of its World service ?
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Parties to FCC application # 2039557
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Party IDRolePartyCompany
730582Applicant One Ministries, Inc.
PO Box: 1118
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 Search
Email: korb@broken.fm
Phone: (707) 479-9428 Search
738901Contact Representative James L. Oyster
Law Offices Of James L. Oyster
108 Oyster Lane
Castleton, VA 22716 Search
Email: oysterlaw@hotmail.com
Phone: (540) 937-4800 Search
439202Application Certifier 04/13/2021Keith J Leitch
President    Search
738902Certifying Engineer Keith J. Leitch
One Ministries, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 Search
Email: keith@leitch.tv
Phone: (707) 479-9428 Search