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Streaming Radio Guide
Parties to FCC application # 2045079
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Party IDRolePartyCompany
779614Applicant Edge Spectrum, Inc
Edge Spectrum, Inc
PO Box: 54025
Hurst, TX 75054 Search
Email: randy@crosstalk.org
Phone: (972) 291-3750 Search
779639Contact Representative Caleb Weiss
Ark Mediacom, Inc
Cedar Hill, TX 75106 Search
Email: cweiss@arkmediacom.tv
Phone: (972) 293-2256 Search
458491Application Certifier 11/26/2021Randall Weiss
Ceo    Search
779638Certifying Engineer Susan Hansen
B W St Clair
2305 Vida Shaw RD
New Iberia, LA 70563 Search
Email: stcl@comcast.net
Phone: (303) 378-8209 Search