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Podcasting John Batchelor

If there ever was a radio show that screams out “Podcast me”, it is John Batchelor.   John’s show(s) are currently 4 hrs of intensely dense information on each Saturday and Sunday night.    No matter how intensely you listen, you will miss … Continue reading

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Zune HD – the savior of radio?

Microsoft’s answer to the iPod is out in a few weeks, and the NAB is crowing about its success in getting Microsoft to include an HD radio receiver in the device.   The Zune HD will sell for about $289 and … Continue reading

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The role of the caller

One of the biggest differences among news/talk shows is how they view the listeners who are motivated to call into their show.   I think this decision is a major factor in how successful a show will be.   As you listen … Continue reading

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Alex Jones / Jeff Rense feud

Okay, I admit it.   I totally missed this story.   I fell behind keeping track of the big conspiracy. That’s from Ron Paul’s web site.   Alex Jones and Jeff Rense both were syndicated by GCN (Genesis Communications Network), which syndicates … Continue reading

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First not so annual streaming quality award

Having nothing else to do today, I decided to see the “big picture” of which station owners have the “best” streams, based on the quality criteria. Probably 80% of these ratings were done by me. So here are the results: … Continue reading

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Just say “No” to GEICO

An activist group headed by President Obama’s Green Jobs Czar is going after Glenn Beck, threatening sponsors of Glenn’s TV show on Fox.   One of the sponsors who has cooperated is GEICO insurance.  Now when you hear GEICO, you probably … Continue reading

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The war has begun

The New FCC has lobbed the first cannonball into Fort Sumpter. Congress is currently debating ending the exemption it created to the Copyright law that shields radio stations from paying royalty fees to artists for playing their music on the air.   … Continue reading

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Citadel falling into the GM Trap

This is an accounting item – I’ll try not to make your head explode. Citadel (ABC Radio) announced its earnings today for April-June 2009.  There was no good news other than their lenders don’t want to take over the company … Continue reading

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The Rush to FM Talk

Several influential Democrats for a variety of reasons are pushing to remove the exemption that allows radio stations to play music without paying the artists royalties for their work.  Internet streamers and Sirius / XM have to pay, and the … Continue reading

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