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Why talk is moving to FM

Maybe two years ago Bonneville started a trend – they took an existing AM News/Talk programming format from KTAR  and “moved” it to FM.  There were always a few FM News/Talk stations – this trend is moving an existing AM … Continue reading

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iPhone – playing WMA stations

My cousin pointed me to the FStream iPhone app, which does have the ability to stream Windows Media streams to the iPhone.  This still doesn’t solve the problem of players written in Flash or reliant on windows DLLs, but does … Continue reading

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College radio revisited

The first radio blog post I did back in 2006 was speculating about the future of college radio (or impending demise).  I was finding more and more student run stations either running on automation full time, turned over to state run … Continue reading

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iheartradio answers

The iheartradio iPhone app has lots of reviews that are either questions or complaints, but of course there is no method to respond to them. Here are the issues that people are reporting: Buffering during playback – this is probably … Continue reading

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Between a rock and a hard place

Sarah McBride of the WSJ (along with Mike Spector) write in this article about a problem which has taken some of the lenders by surprise, but people who follow this site closely have known about for months. Citadel Broadcasting (which … Continue reading

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Driving while Sirius…

The thought occurred to me the other day – several states (Connecticut is one) have made it illegal to operate a motor vehicle while talking on a hand held cell phone.   What if I have a device that is capable … Continue reading

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iheartradio – first impressions

Since it appears to be the only way currently to get Clear Channel’s streams on the iPhone, I can’t ignore it, but they have a lot of opportunity to make this much better Local means LOCAL – when I select … Continue reading

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iPhone and Streaming

If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone to listen to radio stations, you might want to think twice.   The reason is that Apple appears to think it can deprive web users of Flash applications and Windows Media Player streams.   Since … Continue reading

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All is becoming clear…

The KNEW/Savage development is just one dot along the path.  It’s becoming clearer and clearer where radio is headed.  3G and 4G wireless are going to change all the rules, not just for radio.   Here is what I see in … Continue reading

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