Commercial “load”

An hour has 60 minutes (most of the time).    If you are thinking there are way too many commercial on News/Talk stations, here are the facts.

The “news break” at the top of the hour frequently is loaded with mostly commercials, not news.   Since each station is different, I’ll just list the total.

Also, once you know what the “show clock” is, you’ll find many stations try to “cheat” on commercials, doing things like rejoining late, playing a local commercial over top of the network ad they are supposed to run, failing to return to the show for the final segment, etc…   or using digital processing to “speed up” a taped show to stuff in a few extra local commercials.

And people in the radio business don’t understand why advertisers don’t trust them… and why radio is going broke…

Show Local Ads/News Network Ads
Rush Limbaugh 17:00 5:00
Glenn Beck 17:00 5:00
Dr. Laura 16:00 5:00
Hannity 19:20 6:00
Bennett Morning in America 18:00 5:00
Salem Talk 17:00 5:00
Allen Hunt 15:00 6:00
Neal Boortz 18:30 5:00
Clark Howard 18:30 5:00
Thom Hartmann 15:00 5:00
Bill Press 16:00 5:00
Andrew Wilkow (XM) 3:00 9:00
Bob & Tom 18:00 1:00

So the range is from  20:00 to 25:20

of which News  might be 3-5 minutes  per hour – if the local station follows the rules.

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  1. emsree says:

    When you’re in afternoon drive, you really need to increase that local load unless you want to be tape delayed. It’s tough to syndicate in that or morning drive. Most morning drive syndicated shows seem to require a cash exchange with no barter option. Bob and Tom has one network ad, but they require a fee.

    Starting next month, Glenn Beck’s network load will increase to 6:00.

    Here are some more:

    Dave Ramsey – Local: 15:50 / Network: 5:00
    Randi Rhodes – Local: 15:10 / Network: 5:00
    Bill Handel (weekdays) – Local: 18:10 / Network: 2:00
    Fox News Radio (all programs) – Local: 17:10 / Network: 4:00
    The Schnitt Show – Local: 18:40 (hr 1-2), 19:40 (hr 3) / Network: 5:00
    Ed Schultz – Local: 16:10 / Network: 5:00
    Stephanie Miller – Local: 15:10 / Network: 5:00
    Rick and Bubba – Local: 13:20 / Network: 8:00

    Sports Radio:

    Fox Sports Radio (except Dan Patrick) – Local: 11:10 / Network: 4:00 (3:00 FSR updates)
    Fox Sports Radio (Dan Patrick) – Local: 12:40 / Network: 5:00 (1:30 FSR updates)
    Jim Rome – Local: 13:10 / Network: 5:00 (hr 1-2), 4:00 (hr 3)

  2. emsree says:

    I almost forgot the exterior inventory required by some of these shows. Sean Hannity’s show requires stations to run the 2:00 “Sean Hannity Morning Minute” featurette, which is 1 minute of Sean talking, followed by 1 minute of network commercial spots. There’s also a :60 run-of-schedule ad required. So there’s 2:00 nets outside the show each day.

    Rush Limbaugh requires a similar “Rush Morning Update,” with the same amount of inventory. I don’t know if any ROS ads are required. Dr. Laura’s program has a mandatory “Dr. Laura Moment” which comes with a :30 spot. The entire featurette is 2:00. One of the shows I mentioned, Dan Patrick, has the “Above the Noise” featurette, which is structured like Hannity and Rush’s (:60 content/:60 ads).

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