Mixing formats

KTLK-FM in Minneapolis (Clear Channel) is doing something that strikes me as totally bizarre.  They started doing it about two months ago – they are playing “hard” rock music on the weekends on what is a Conservative Talk station during the week

First, the crap that is on most News/Talk stations on the weekends is pretty worthless, so I follow that part of it.   What I just found out is they start the rock music on Friday nights (preempting Laura Ingraham on Fridays – and I suspect Jason Lewis).

Are they thinking…  Let’s see if Laura Ingraham listeners would like some rock music, or are they hoping that young people who notice the rock music on the weekend will accidentally hear Rush Limbaugh on Monday and get “hooked”?   Neither seems likely.

Or is it that the program director for the station hates Conservative talk and just pulled the plug on it so they can have more fun putting their rock music into the computer to play over the weekend?

If you really think it makes sense to play music on the weekends, then play the kind of music that news/talk junkies listen to (look at the stats here)…  Classic Rock, Country or Oldies.

Oh, I found the answer:


They’re just “screwing around”…

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12 Responses to Mixing formats

  1. WesternMA says:

    Perhaps, being aware that their audience is low on the weekends, they are filling the airwaves with cheap entertainment.

  2. Art Stone says:

    Apparently the adults are back in charge – the schedule is back to news/talk on the weekend.

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