Where is Ken Hamblin?

Ken Hamblin (The Black Avenger) was a very distinctive voice in talk radio syndication for a number of years.  He vanished without warning in 2003 and nobody seems to know what happened to him. 

In case you never heard Hamblin, some background. Hamblin grew up in Brooklyn.  His parents were Caribbean immigrants, which may explain some of why he refuses to be a victim of the Democratic Establishment.  

After serving the country in the military, he lived his early adult life in the Detroit area.  As a black American, he was swept up in the radical left movement of his time.  He worked as a photographer for the Detroit Free Press after the 1967 riots that tore the city of Detroit apart, from which it has never recovered. 

In the 1980s, he moved to Denver and started doing a local talk show, and became syndicated in 1994.  He also wrote columns for the Denver Post and NY Times.  Answers.com has a  detailed biography here, at least through 1995.

The recurring theme of his program was that White People need to “get over” their guilt over slavery that causes them to vote for or acquiesce to liberal black Democratic politicians who end up destroying everything they touch.  He offered listeners a “Certificate of Absolution” releasing them for any guilt and allows the bearer to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Ken’s ongoing challenge to his black liberal audience (and Liberal Egg Sucking Dogs) was to “Name one – just one city that has improved socially, economically and politically” after a black person was elected to lead the city.  His favorite examples were Coleman Young (Detroit), Harold Washington (Chicago), David Dinkens (New York City) and Andrew Young (Atlanta).  Another challenge he would throw at Black callers who tried to convince him “what an awful place the United States is” was for the caller to Pick Another Country  where they think they would have a better life.  If they made a convincing enough case, then Ken would ask them why they haven’t moved there.

Another theme during the final year or so of his show was pointing out the conscious choice of historians and educators to scrub the history of the Civil War of the reality that many Southern Blacks voluntarily fought and died on the side of the Confederacy and challenged people to reconcile that fact with what they think they know about the Civil War.

I have suggested in jest that maybe Ken was taken into the Witness Protection program.  My other competing theory is that he had a sudden health problem or serious incident involving his personal safety.  There are rumors of a contract dispute with his syndicator – that could explain why he went off the air, but not why he vanished completely without even saying goodbye on his own web site.

Ken Hamblin’s voice is desperately needed on radio to bring some rational discussion to world events in this new Obama era.   Young people motivated by the  indoctrination taught in schools of their “guilt” for things they had nothing to do with – are a sincere threat to the future political and economic well being of this country.

Ken would be about 69 years old by now.    Bo Snerdly (James Golden)  – Rush Limbaugh’s “Official Program Observer” is another person with a similar outlook.  James did a show on WABC for a while as half of the “James and Joel” show.  If I can’t have Ken Hamblin back, maybe the EIB network would think about becoming more than just a single show.  Everyone needs a dream.

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11 Responses to Where is Ken Hamblin?

  1. neoconnut says:

    That is a good question, I used to listen to him late nights. Even if his show was cancelled due to competition, you would think that he would show up as a talking head on the cable news somewhere.
    He is probably retired and cruising around Denver in his bike.

  2. gth says:

    I use to listen to Ken on the way home every day from work. I have wondered over the years, “what happened to Ken” I was hoping to find an answer on the web. Looks like no one knows where he is. We sure could use him now more than ever, to help the conservative movement. I thought he was a great talk show host with more common sense the the “drive bye media”. They are all in the pot together. If it wasn’t for FOX News, we would all be in a pickle. At least they try to keep the truth out there.

  3. howdy ken says:

    I loved Ken and have his book as well. This country needs Ken right now.

  4. ron merritt says:

    like every one else i enjoyed listening. wtma let him go because he polarized the community charleston sc. its ashame hes not on today.

  5. Mark Estes says:

    I listened to Ken from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s. Ken was a breath of fresh air from the usual ideology promulgated by the socialists/leftist agenda. The black community by in large were “brain washed” into believing that Ken was just an Uncle Tom, or “oreo,”:terms which most people find offensive, but ones used in a derogatory way from other blacks who bought into the leftist promises of equal rights as they see them. Come back Ken, we need you!!

  6. bothsidesnow says:

    I used to run his show on a radio station in a top ten market, so I heard MANY of his shows. To be honest, it was some of the worst radio ever syndicated. It was down there with the “Oliver North Show” in terms of not being able to run a show with the correct formatics and style. I am not surprised it finally disappeared. (And, I used to get so frustrated at his question about naming a successful city with a black leader as he would always dismiss Tom Bradley in Los Angeles because it was “already a powerful city” when Tom took it over. Huh?? Lame, lame, lame, people….)

  7. Tom Raby says:

    I love(d) Ken and wish he was still on the air. I bought the book (Find a Better Country). Ken is a brilliant and engaging man. His analysis of our country was always correct. He was demonized because black folks belong on the leftist plantation. They aren’t permitted to think for themselves by the so-called black leaders. Ken was a pioneer in talk radio and very entertaining. He was also a real role-model as an author, pilot, photographer, and more. I miss you, Ken

  8. Ron and Carole Power says:

    We need to hear from you. We used to listen to you all the time. Where can we listen to you? We need voices like your’s today.

  9. suzy says:

    reading his book which is articulating many thoughts i have had over the years…wish you well, ken….come back!

  10. I used to listen to Ken just about every night while driving my tractor-trailor truck frm state to state. I think he is the smartest black men ever. There is no doubt that the world needs him desperately. I hope and pray that he is well and retures to the air soon.

  11. steve hallford says:

    Dear fellow Ken Hamblin fans;

    I too miss Mr. Hamblin’s quick wit and snarky style. We could certainly use his straight-talk during these difficult times. An interesting blog that explains his demise can be found at;

    BTW, the author of this article is correct; as of this writing, Mr. Hamblin is 69 years young. He will turn 70 on October 22. Last I heard, he is peacefully enjoying his retirement somewhere in the Caribbean.

    Like millions of like-minded Americans, I hope Ken resurfaces so that we can all wish him well and work toward a common goal.

    Mr. Hamblin; all the best to you dear sir. Hope to hear from you soon.

    steve hallford

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