GAP Broadcasting

GAP Holdings  owns and operates about 116 radio stations in medium and small markets in the United States.   GAP is privately owned.


GAP Holdings  (parent of  GAP Central of Dallas Texas and GAP West of Scottsdale Arizona) was created when Clear Channel announced its intent to sell off its medium and small market radio stations.     Since these stations were acquired from Clear Channel, many of the people running GAP are former managers from Clear Channel.

In June 2009, GAP announced the company is forming GAP East to acquire and operate radio stations East of the Mississippi River.

In 2010, Oak Tree Capital announced that it would merge GAP with the failed Regent Communications and the new entity is called Townsquare Media

Major Stations

GAP Holdings owns no major market stations.

GAPWest operates stations in Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Arizona.

GAP Central operates stations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.


GAP is privately held by Oaktree Capital Management, a private equity firm headed by Howard Marks, a company that likes to buy up “distressed” companies and turn them around.


Each division of GAP has its own management team.

GAP West

The President of GAP West is Erik Hellum    Mr Hellum is a sales guy – prior to joining GAP West, he worked for Bonneville.

GAP Central (previously called GAP Broadcasting)

The President of GAP Central is George Laughlin.  Mr Laughlin is also a sales/marketing guy, not an operations manager.  He had worked as Senior VP of Sales for AMFM, shortly before it was folded into Clear Channel.  He had been manager of sales in Dallas before his promotion.

GAP East

GAP East was announced in June 2009, with the purpose of acquiring and operating radio stations East of the Mississippi River.  GAP East will be headquartered in Maryland, and headed be James P. Donahoe.     Mr Donahoe has 27 years of radio experience, including time at Infinity, SFX and Capstar (acquired by Clear Channel), and most recently CEO of Millennium Radio, which operates 12 stations in New Jersey.


Since the company is controlled by a Private Equity Firm, there is no information about funding or profitability.

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