Lincoln Financial Media

Lincoln Financial Media  (Website) is a subsidiary of Lincoln Financial, a large insurance company.  Lincoln Financial inherited a group of radio stations when it acquired Jefferson Pilot Insurance company in 2005.   Lincoln Financial Media is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Lincoln Financial is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Jefferson Standard Life Insurance began its life in 1907 in Raleigh North Carolina.  It was started by the Gold brothers, who had done well in the Newspaper Business in Wilson, North Carolina.  In 1945, Jefferson Pilot acquired WBT in Charlotte when CBS was required to divest it by the FDR administration.    Following the Lincoln / Jefferson Pilot Merger in 2008, Lincoln Financial sold WBT and WLNK-FM in Charlotte to Greater Media in the Boston area, and its TV stations – and has made it clear they want to sell the remainder of their media properties – but 2008/2009 has not been a good time to be selling radio and TV station licenses.

Major Stations – top 25 markets


WQXI AM – Sports
WSTR FM – Hit Music


WAXY AM – Sports
WLYF FM – Soft/Lite Rock
WMXJ FM – Oldies

San Diego

KBZT FM – Rock
KIFM FM – Jazz
KSON FM – Country
KSOQ FM – Country


KQKS FM – Hip/Hop
KEPN AM – Sports
KYGO FM – Country
KKFN FM – Sports
KRWZ AM – Oldies

Financial Condition

On June 15th, 2009, Lincoln Financial Announced it would be accepting TARP funds to shore up its capital base.

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