BiCoastal Media  (Website) owns and operates about 50 stations, all in the vicinity of the Pacific Ocean coast of the Western United States, located in medium and smaller markets.  Their goal is to become the “Top Biller” in every market in which they have a presence.    BiCoastal Media is located in Tiburon, California.


Bicoastal was formed in 1998 by Kenneth R. Dennis.

In 2007, BiCoastal acquired 14 stations in Oregon from Clear Channel as Clear Channel began to divest its small market stations.

Major Stations – top 25 markets

KELA-FM is located in the fringe area of the Seattle Market.   They also own 6 stations located in Corvallis and Albany Oregon that reach some of the Southern fringe area of Portland, Oregon.   The resta of their stations are in small or unrated markets.


BiCoastal’s licenses are held by  Bicoastal Holdings Co., LLC.   The largest owner (about 90%) of BiCoastal is Diamond Media a Private Equity form located in W Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Chicago.


Mike Wilson is the President and CEO of BiCoastal

Financial Condition as of 2008

Because the company is owned by a Private Equity firm, no financial information is publicly available.

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